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Review: The HAMILTON Hype is Real

now through March 27

Review: The HAMILTON Hype is Real I avoided Hamilton as long as I possibly could. I wouldn't even listen to the cast recording, wanting to have the freshest live experience I possibly could. Somehow I held on until around 2018, right before the show visited Denver for the first time.

I saw how The Book of Mormon went down, and I knew I wouldn't have the fortitude (or let's be real, the paycheck) to catch Hamilton's first trip around the US. It came, it went, and I decided I should probably at least listen to it.

My first time seeing Hamilton in its entirety was courtesy of Disney+, as I'm sure a lot of other people can attest. I was fine with that. As someone who's likely far more obsessed with musical theatre than the average person, I tend to cringe and step back when a musical becomes the next huge thing -- it'll be around a while, I'll get back to it when people calm the hell down.

Review: The HAMILTON Hype is Real Not Hamilton. Since it's Broadway debut in 2015, the public has been ravenous to be in the room where it happens, so they can caption their stage selfie with that same iconic lyric. I want to be tired of it, but there's something about the energy of Hamilton that keeps you drawing back in.

I'm still searching for the balance between being an elitist theatre hipster and a genuine fan of good art. Work with me here, OK? I never thought I'd need to put my thoughts on Hamilton in writing.

The tour, one of three companies currently on the road (we've got the And Peggy cast), is currently playing an extended visit at Denver's Buell Theatre through March 27, and good luck if you haven't secured a seat. Try the lottery.

The cast is led by an incredibly amiable Alexander Hamilton (Julius Thomas III), who gave a bit more buoyancy to the role than Lin Manuel's familiar origination, which alone gives the show its own vibe if you're used to the inaugural company. His adversary Aaron Burr (Donald Webber Jr.) would come across as oily if it wasn't for his introspective ballads. Hamilton's wife, Eliza (Victoria Ann Scovens) is warm yet grounded as the character continuously finds her footing among the political circus she married into. Her sister, Angelica (a fiery Marja Harmon) is the fierce one of the family, knowing what she wants but not quite able to grasp it.

Review: The HAMILTON Hype is Real It's fascinating to watch the ensemble move mechanically throughout the production. Truly the show is a well-oiled machine that wouldn't function quite the same without the energy provided by the surrounding cast. The diversity is something I wish most shows would catch up with already.

Each song has the energy of a showstopper. The lighting perfectly highlights the production's energy. I have no idea how the old lady next to me kept falling asleep.

You probably won't.

Hamilton plays the Buell Theatre through March 27. Tickets at

Photos by Joan Marcus

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