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BWW Reviews: SUPER SIDEKICK: THE MUSICAL Packs a Super-Sized Punch for All Ages

Superheros! Ninja Pandas! Evil Sorcerers! Feminist Princesses! What more could you ask for in an action-packed musical that's not only entertaining, but cleverly written and fun for all ages. CCT's regional premiere of SUPER SIDEKICK: THE MUSICAL packs in an hour's worth of nonstop adventure that everyone from kids to teens to adults is sure to enjoy.

The story centers around wanna-be superhero, Inky, who lives in the shadows of his mentor, Blackjack the Bold. He longs for the day when he can be a true superhero, rescue princesses, and even "take a stand against cutting in line." Inky gets his chance when Blackjack the Bold and Princess Penelope are both kidnapped by evil sorcerer, Dr. Slurm, who escapes trial for throwing banana peels on the ground and has a new plan to destroy the world with his super secret weapon.

Inky is forced to face his fears, fight Ninja Koalas, rescue the princess, and brave the Cave of Doom to capture Blackjack and save the kingdom. In a similar style as Nickelodeon's LAZYTOWN, SUPER SIDEKICK is very cleverly written and engages the audience in nonstop entertainment.

Director and Scenic Designer, Nancy Shelton Williams leads an incredibly talented troupe in this fast-paced performance. The actors all did a superb job and held the energy for the duration of the show, from the oldest, most seasoned actors to even little David Hap Cremean, the youngest (and most adorable) of the group. Brandon Fox is your typical pretty-boy superhero who is spot-on as the arrogantly hilarious Blackjack the Bold, while Ryan Metzger's dastardly Sorcerer Slurm is evil, pouty, and proves that it really is "tough to be mean." I mean, "You try wearing black all the time." The song "Slurm's Soliloquy" sung by Metzger is definitely a standout number and is reminiscent of Ursula's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Elisabeth Rogge plays the fiery Princess Penelope who is perfectly capable of saving herself, yet finds a soft side for her own personal hero, Inky. Her duet with Daniel Kelley (Inky) is heartwarming and hilarious as we see them fall madly in "like." Daniel Kelley fittingly plays the awkward, young sidekick who transforms from a naive sidekick and learns to overcome his fears, acquiesce to his brave princess (girl power!), and restore peace throughout the kingdom.

Gregory Craft's book is refreshingly funny, which gives rise to Michael Gordon Shapiro's brilliant and expertly crafted lyrics. Adults especially will appreciate the impressive and clever humor in the lyrics, not to mention all the hilarious ad lib moments, referencing the current traveling production of THE LION KING, among others.

If you're looking for a fast-paced, bold and bright musical that's chock full of witty humor, colorful characters, and an upbeat catchy score, then CCT's SUPER SIDEKICK: THE MUSICAL is the perfect choice for your entire family.

Highly recommended as the surprise standout of the year for all ages.

SUPER SIDEKICK: THE MUSICAL is now playing thru November 9, 2014. For tickets and more information, visit:

Check out a preview here, and get your tickets before they fly away!

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