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Aged to Perfection at The Belmont Theatre


2/14/2021 - 3/14/2021


The Belmont Theatre

27 South Belmont Street
York,PA 17403

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Phone: 717-854-5715

Aged to Perfection in Central Pennsylvania

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Go to February 14 -March 14 and click on the video to view. It is free to view, but we encourage you to click the DONATE NOW button on the website to help the theatre in this time of need. You are invited to experience a zoom call for a group of Senior Citizens and their activities director, Julie, from the Sunshine Adult Recreation Center. It is just after the holidays and they have not seen each other since March, 2020. Julie has online activities planned to toast to a better 2021until someone plans a wine drinking game, unbeknownst to Julie, leading to an online party no one was ever expecting! Add some hard of hearing innuendos and frisky, senior humor, and we have the final ingredients to make a comedy that will make us forget all about 2020... at least for a little while.CASTJulie: Jessica OakhemGloria: Jacklyn KeagyMcKenzie: Mackenzie MillerMartha: Christine KosloskyErnie: Greg KosloskyCharlotte: Claudia ShanamanBill: Jim ClarkFrank: Joel PersingEthan: Ethan BeckmanRhoda: Sheryl RadeRoxy: Lindy Keefe

Ages: Parental Guidance is Suggeted

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