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Theater Camp Guide

Wa-Klo Theatre Camp Guide

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587 Thorndike Pond Rd.
Jaffrey,NH 3452

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Camp Type: Overnight
Session Length: 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 7 Weeks
Camp Focus: Traditional Camp Activities, Service, Sports, Arts
Extra Activities: Horse-back-riding, Adventure, Travel

Camp Wa-Klo is an all girls, summer camp located in the beautiful southwest region of New Hampshire. “Our little corner of the world” provides a special summer home for girls with a warm, nurturing, and inviting family. We offer a 3, 4, and 7 week option for girls in grades 1-9, a 2 week option for girls in grades 1-6, and for girls in grades 10-12 leadership opportunities. With equal emphasis on land & water activities, creative arts, and horseback riding, the Wa-Klo girl can create a unique and exciting schedule. Girls can audition for plays, choose individual and/or team sports, opt for an array of waterfront activities, cantor on a horse, feed a cow, participate in field archery, and much more!

Wa-Klo provides girls with an opportunity to pursue an existing talent as well as discovering new. Our creative activities are a great way for the girls to express themselves however they wish.

Whether it be on the stage, in the studio or through a sketch! There is a chance to perform in a Musical and Drama production, which the whole camp and parents of performers come together to watch! You couldn’t get a more loving and encouraging audience and it is a chance for girls to perform in a safe and supportive environment. Girls have gained enough confidence through Wa-Klo that they take part in their school shows!

We have an outstanding dance studio where girls get the chance to try any dance style they desire. You name it our counsellors can do it; Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz etc… So many options! As the girls build up their confidence through the program, they love to perform during our meals times.