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BWW Review: New York's Poetry/Cabaret Emerges From The Pandemic & Moves Online WIth Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED! at FaceBook Live

A Virtual Evening Of Spoken Word, Music & Comedy

BWW Review: New York's Poetry/Cabaret Emerges From The Pandemic & Moves Online WIth Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED! at FaceBook Live

Heigh-Ho Friends & "Family"! Bobby Patrick your RAINBOW Reviewer here. Putting the silent T in CABARET to bring you all the T.

Oh I know, I know, you all miss Bobby when we're not around. Truth be told, Bobby misses Bobby a little bit too, so when the lovely Stephen Mosher asked us to pick up our pen to pen a review of an online cabaret performance again, we jumped at the chance. Especially since the act is the oft quirky, always fascinating Poetry/Cabaret hosted by the scrumptious Thomas March. Back in the days before that wicked witch, Corona broke up our party, Poetry/Cabaret operated as a type of "variety" show at The Green Room 42 in Manhattan. Thomas March, who is himself a published poet with real literary chops, acted as the evening's host and curator, bringing in the city's top poets, comedians, and musical cabaret performers for a lower east side 60's beatnik coffee-shop-style evening of spoken word and musical offerings surrounding a common theme. One can almost hear that proto-hippie audience snapping their too-cool-for-school fingers in appreciation for the left-leaning lyrics, jokes, and rhymes.

WIth Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED! March takes his act on the virtual road, putting together a fine evening of literary love, laughs, and music that all feels brand new... because it is; giving a double meaning to the RENEWED theme. Originally slated for April 2020, Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED made its delayed premiere on Facebook Live on Saturday, launching a reboot of the salon for the virtual space with artistes who "... celebrate awakening, longing, and surviving--all in the spirit of entering springtime, emerging from a pandemic, and reaffirming our commitment to a better world." Featuring the words of meter maids; Jee Leong Koh, Katherine Barrett Swett, & Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, comedy from upright stand-ups; Jaye McBride & Shalewa Sharpe and the musical offerings of Carela, Mark Aaron James, and the fab Frances Ruffelle who, along with Sadie Frost, and Sam K gave forth with their yoga-inspired trio, ONLY NOW which was composed as part of Rufelle's online yoga experience YIN & TONIC. Add to this mix, the ever-adorable Drew Wutke who grinds the technical pepper as the Virtual ROOM producer as well as offering musical spice with his own keyboard, hilarious asides, and on-the-spot song improvs and you have a pretty non-stop hour and forty minutes. Host March pops in between acts to kibitz with Wutke throughout the evening and even takes a story of his own out for a spin with a topical "in my drunken youth" monologue that ultimately answers the woodsy question with - Yes bears do... and people do do sometimes too.

BWW Review: New York's Poetry/Cabaret Emerges From The Pandemic & Moves Online WIth Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED! at FaceBook Live Now, along with all of you, my little lambs, Bobby longs for the day when we can all go back into the clubs and enjoy live, in-person entertainment together. That being said, some slack must be given to those performers who need an audience to make their work... work. In this virtual performance era, one must take some rough with the smooth, and where RENEWED may hit some of that rough in its spoken-word segments, the haunting music of Rufelle and Carela lift the spirits back onto the RENEWED track. This is not to say that there is ANYTHING bad happening here, but with its first launch into ZOOM space, Poetry/Cabaret has some kinks that do need to be worked out amongst their wordsmiths, who are forced to perform for the cold, staring eye of a webcam that offers them nothing in return. One would expect this to be a particular challenge for the stand-up comics, but giving props where props is due - Bobby has to say that Shalewa Sharpe's comedy (along with Thomas March's handsome face) is well worth the $15 suggested (pay what you can) donation for the evening. Did we have a good time with Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED, you bet we did and the really good news is, so can you. Because virtual performances leave a FABULOUS online legacy, all my little dearlings out there in BroadwayWorldLand can still crack open a bottle of wine, dress in all black with white sandals, and get your virtual beatnik on from home. Now don't be a cheapnik, follow the links to the full online show below, but also stop off at Poetry/Cabaret's Venmo or PayPal hats and drop in a few coins of appreciation because Bobby gives Poetry/Cabaret: RENEWED! A solid 3 1/2 out of 5 Rainbows.

You Can Enjoy The Entire Evening On Ye Olde Facebooke: HERE

Or On Poetry/Cabaret's Youtubes: HERE - (Be Sure To Hit Like, Subscribe, & Share)

But Don't Be Cheap Little Tinker Bells! Pay What You Can Especially If You Can Give The Suggested Donation Of $15 At:

Venmo: @Poetrycabaret

Paypal: Poetrycabaretnyc@Gmail.Com Or

Paypal Direct Link: HERE

Thomas March Has A Webby: HERE (Be Sure To Click On His Handsome B/W Headshot There)

And his Ye Olde FaceBooke Is: HERE

Follow Poetry/Cabaret On Ye Olde Facebooke: HERE

And See What's Up With Frances Rufelle's Yin & Tonic Yoga: HERE

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