BWW Feature: Quarantine Creativity Continues As Christine Lavin, Eugene Ebner, Christine Andreas, and More Share With Fans

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BWW Feature: Quarantine Creativity Continues As Christine Lavin, Eugene Ebner, Christine Andreas, and More Share With Fans

As the days of confinement stretch out into quantities unknown, people are beginning to settle into a routine. During the first two weeks of quarantine, the Facebook Machine saw a flurry of activity as everyone scurried do their part in reaching out, in raising morale, in efforts to entertain and stay connected. At the four-week mark, people are moving a little slower, perhaps focusing more on projects around the house, or maybe giving in to the restless instincts to either risk infection and leave the house, or fear infection and hunker down even further into the sofa, their Netflix queue and their stainless steel mixing bowl filled with popcorn.



Oh, sure, go ahead and put on your protective mask and gloves and go for a walk now and then - it's good for you. Do enjoy your bowl of popcorn and your favorite streaming shows. But don't sink into a place of despair or complacency or boredom. There is still living to do and productivity to share. There are conflicting reports about when the shelter in place order will be lifted, and while each state, every city, and all the politicians and leaders are calling the shots, we the people have to stay safe and healthy, and part of that is not giving in to The Never and risking our lives, our sanities, and our health, so it's time to stay focused and on a schedule of some sort, and not get away from connecting to one another, from creating art, from sharing. So keep those Living Room concerts going, keep Instagramming your messages, your household tours, your workout programs, and your creativity.

--Yesterday Helane Blumfield reached out to me with a message "I decided to do something for myself this afternoon. I uploaded my BWW award-winning show "Tom Jones and Neil Diamond, My Love Affair With Tom Jones and Neil Diamond" to YouTube. I am not sure if you are doing any more Pandemic Playlists but if you are here is my offering..."

Hell, yeah, there are more Pandemic Playlists! But why wait a week for the next edition of Complete Shows? Here's Helane Blumfield's Award winner HERE !

--Last night a cry came from the other room and I came running. There, my husband declared "The Zelllnick's put YANK! On Youtube!" The 10th Anniversary concert of the Off-Broadway musical being one of the highlights of the 2020 cabaret season, that was news worth celebrating -- and sharing HERE.

--Regularly, chanteuse, actress, raconteur, philosopher, diva, goddess, Woman Christine Andreas has been creating musical medicine and sharing it via email and Youtube, to brighten up, lighten up, and heal everyone's woes. Here are three weeks worth of Musical Medicine: ONE TWO THREE

--Christine Lavin dropped me an email, forwarding something created by a family friend, a high schooler named Amelia...

"New York, New York" - music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb
arranged for five violas and performed by Amelia Krinke HERE

"As a lifelong New Yorker, seeing the coronavirus grip my city is terrifying. New Yorkers have an international reputation for being tough, funky, and maybe even a bit standoffish. Whether you listen to this as you're standing in the line around the block for the grocery store, or as you use your last square of toilet paper - know that we are #newyorkstrong and we will get through this. Happy listening and feel free to subscribe! -Amelia"

--Robin Westle emailed me that she had made a clip of her singing a medley of "We Shall Overcome" and "I Shall Be Released" (my favorite song!) from her show In The Summer of '69, if I wanted to share it on Broadway World since she felt it was appropriate at this time in our lives. YEAH, I wanted to share it! It's my favorite song! So I uploaded the video she sent me onto my Youtube channel immediately and HERE is Robin's MASHUP - and you know this arrangement was done by Tracy Stark, at the piano, and on backup vocals.

--Ann Kittredge shot me a note on Messenger reading "...we recorded this in February and looking for a creative project last week, I self-taught (with some help from my son) to create the video to go with it." Any chance to hear Ann Kittredge sing is a good chance, and any creativity to come out of these times is to be celebrated, so HERE is Ann's homemade music video for "Another Day of Sun," featuring Alex Rybeck, Dan Gross, Sean Harkness, and Mary Ann McSweeney.

--Lisa Viggiano took time out from her intense online teaching schedule and life as a wife and mother to record a little Tim DiPasqua on her phone, which she posted on Youtube with a wish for "Much love, peace, light, health, and safety." See the recent MAC Award recipient open her heart HERE

--Billy Shaw sent me a GORGEOUS black and white video shot in front of the fireplace of his family lake house, where his kinfolk are staying home and staying safe, and with his stunning opera-trained voice and the words and music of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Billy has created a wonderful, inspirational, beautiful VIDEO that's getting a lot of hits online.

--Anthony Nunziata texted me his new video to the song he wrote with Maria Christensen, "There Are Angels Among Us" and it is touching and poignant, moving and nurturing. See the video and listen to the song HERE - really listen to the lyrics, really look at the photos, let it get into all the places in your heart.

--Eugene Ebner and his husband, Paul Page created a music video HERE to Ebner's song "Angel" in dedication to the front line workers in the COVID-19 fight with this message:

"To honor all the men and women around the globe that have selflessly given of their time and energy, as well as honoring the lives lost so far, Ebner-Page Productions created a music video to Eugene's original song, "Angel," featuring Broadway's Jeremy Stolle (Phantom of the Opera). The original song was produced by multiple Emmy-winning composer Denise Gentilini.

We hope this brings people comfort during this challenging time. Please share and spread the love. We're all in this together."

"Angel" is available for download on all major digital music platforms.

--Meg Flather emailed me a lyric she had written that sent me to the moon with the poetry and imagery. The next day she sent me a homemade recording of the completed song and when I begged her to allow me to share it, she sent me this message:

"I would be honored!

Let your readers know the vocals were recorded on a phone, so not the quality one would plan for.

Please share that Jon Gordon played guitar and is my on-going engineer and co-producer and that Brian Sanders is on cello."

Here Meg's newest creation, "Inside" HERE

Dear friends, if you're creating, if you have a concert or a live streaming event, if you have anything you would like to share with the community, please email me at and using the subject QUARANTINE CREATION and I will get the word out. We at Broadway World Cabaret are here to serve. With all best wishes for peace.


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