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BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST DEBUT SHOW - RUN OF SHOWS

They got it right, right out of the gate.

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST DEBUT SHOW - RUN OF SHOWSTo go out of your comfort zone is a scary thing - beautiful but scary. The decision to do your first nightclub act is a big one, not to be taken lightly. A lot of work goes into the weeks, months, maybe even year before an artist tries out their new show. There are people to be paid, musicians, photographers, designers, publicists. And what if the ticket sales don't meet your budget? Ooops. So, to undertake a series of shows is an important decision... especially if it's your first time out. Artists who take the plunge and book their cabaret act into a nightclub for four or five performances should really be applauded for their gumption and tenacity.

These artists nominated for their debut shows range in age, experience, and interests, but each of them hit a home run and audiences are hoping that there will be more where this came from.

The Category Is Best Debut Show Run

Ryan McCartan - Feinstein's/54 Below: Read the Broadway World review HERE.

Gerrilyn Sohn - Something Cool - Don't Tell Mama: Read the Broadway World review HERE.

Hannah Jane - On My Way - Don't Tell Mama: Hannah Jane has already proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the industry, displaying mad skills at every appearance she makes, whether it is a Hannah Jane show or a guest appearance. Chronologically speaking, she's a young 'un, but when it comes to old souls, she's in the top one percent. See why below:

Jennifer Barnhart - It's About Time - Laurie Beechman Theatre: Read the Broadway World review HERE.

Joan Darragh - The Invigorated Ingenue - Don't Tell Mama: Joan Darragh is a glamor girl and a leading lady of many parts, so it was just a matter of time before she hit the stages and got a spotlight on her that definitely belongs there. With her debut show, she captured hearts and gained respect, picking up fans and family throughout the community and industry. Fall in love by clicking on this video:

Joanne Halev - Like a Perfumed Woman - Birdland Theater, Laurie Beechman Theatre: Read the Broadway World review HERE.

Jon Satrom - Middle of A Moment - Don't Tell Mama: A member of the Don't Tell Mama family and the Piano Bar family, Jon Satrom is one of the men who keep the cabaret industry grounded, through his work and his community spirit. Respected for his talent and loved for his personality, Statrom brings his A-Game to his solo shows and his work out-front in the piano bar. See Satrom's solo debut in the video included:

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph - What Just Happened? - Laurie Beechman Theatre: The woman behind Lolly Lardpop, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph could easily have coasted on the work she does in the puppeteering industry - LCR is an artist, though, and all the parts of her performing skills had to come out. When Carrara-Rudolph began her cabaret career, she opened the flood gates and the Laurie Beechman has been packing them in ever since. This is where it started:

Liora Michelle - The Greedy Soprano - Don't Tell Mama: Read the Broadway World review HERE.

Michael Kirk Lane - Songs From The Rock, The Street, and The Hood - Don't Tell Mama: Michael came up through the ranks in the small venue world, working front of house, service, the piano rooms, and finally the stages. His debut show announced, to perfection, who he was as a person and as a performer. Take a look and see:

Scott Raneri - The Marvelous Mr. Marzo - Don't Tell Mama: Read the Broadway World review HERE.

Sierra Rein - Running In Place - Laurie Beechman Theatre: A force in the industry but usually as a member of a vocal group, Sierra Rein put together her first solo act (award-winning, *ahem*) in 2018, establishing herself as a formidable artist with a name and a voice all her own, Though Rein still works in group shows, her name, and her style are out there and the fans are ready for more. See why:

Tommy J. Dose - By The Book - Don't Tell Mama: Another one of Mama's Boys, Tommy J. Dose is one of the affable fellows who draws the crowds in, whether on stage or behind the bar. When the musical comedy actor isn't on the road with a play, he makes Mama's his home, he makes audiences there laugh, and he makes a hell of a Manhattan. Tommy can be seen on the other side of the bar in this video:

Helane Blumfield - VERGE - Don't Tell Mama: Sadly, there is no video footage from Helane Blumfield's debut show, but in the five years since, Ms. Blumfield has become a valued member of the community, as a performer, a photographer, and a good friend to all her colleagues. Her artistry and dedication know no bounds.

Your favorite nominee in the category of BEST DEBUT, RUN OF SHOWS can be voted for HERE.

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