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BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST ALTERNATIVE CABARET


This definitely isn't another Sondheim tribute show.

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST ALTERNATIVE CABARET People aren't always quite apt to know what a person is talking about when they use the phrase ALT CABARET. Those who know it are devoted to it, and those who don't usually just skip past it and go to the nearest Rodgers & Hart show. DON'T! This is where artists are going out of the comfort zones ... at least that of the people in the audiences. These performers may love those composer tribute shows, but they aren't doing them. These are the people who want to evolve, and cause evolution in the art form, make people think, and stand out as unique. More and more, the Alt Cabaret scene is becoming more acknowledged, more recognized, more valued, by the audiences, by the industry, and by the community. These are the artists and shows that raise eyebrows and bars.


Julian Velard - What am I Doing Here? - Joe's Pub: Julian Velard is a true original whose most recent show stood out so strong that Broadway World reviewer Brady Schwind went crazy for it HERE making many sorry that they missed the show, and anxious for it to come back. The artistic Jack of All Trades defines what it is to find something different, something new for your club act. See Julian Velard, What Am I Doing Here represented on Facebook HERE

Amber Martin - Bathhouse Bette - Joe's Pub: Martin's paean to the Bette Midler of the bathhouse days of the seventies is not an impersonation of The Divine Ms. M - rather, it is a representation of what Bette did to become the star that she is. With her own personal brand of individuality, Amber showcases herself, Midler, and what it is to be one of a kind. Read Bobby Patrick's review of Bathhouse Bette HERE.

Migguel Anggelo - LatinXoxo - Joe's Pub: Anggelo is an artist intent on speaking up, speaking out, and standing apart from the crowd. This artist extraordinaire is looking to push boundaries and take things to the next level. Success abounds with shows like LatinXoxo packing rooms like Joe's Pub and redefining what a cabaret show could, and should, look like. Check out David Clarke's review on LatinXoxo HERE.

Shakina Nayfack - Manifest Pussy - Joe's Pub: No Secrets Nayfack has turned transparency into her true artform ... well, maybe living her life to the fullest as her most authentic self is her true artform - but transparency in art is second! Her life experiences inform all of her shows, and audiences walk away from a Shakina Nayfack show more enlightened and more entertained than one suspects they thought they would be. Cindy Sibilsky reviews Manifest Pussy HERE.

Molly Pope - Molly Pope a Gay Man and a Piano - The Duplex: A leader in the artform and the community of cabaret artists, Molly Pope's name is synonymous with cutting edge, inventive, exciting new works. So special is she that she is one of the few artists working in the industry to be called a Kabarettist - and she's earned it. Her new show, Molly Pope, A Gay Man and A Piano had played a few performances before lockdown and Broadway World had had no chance to review her but you can read Stephen Mosher's interview with Molly Pope HERE.

Tess Richie - Cuntessa: Nymph of The Duplex - The Duplex: The love child of Cupid and Zelda Fitzgerald, Cuntessa will seduce you with song, cast love spells, and air her dirty laundry...all while getting zozzled on gin cocktails. Looking for love in all the wrong places? You're in good company! See Tess Richie's website HERE.

Jack Bartholet - Lady with a Song - Pangea, Club Cumming: Bartholet's unique voice as an artist and his incomparable voice as a singer are on full display in his mesmerizing, eye-popping and individual show, and it is easy to see why the Bistro Awards committee decided to honor him in 2020. If only he had worn the tutu and makeup to the award ceremony show below. Read Stephen Mosher's review of LADY WITH A SONG HERE.

Grace Lee Brown & Jorie Murphy - Love Letters - The Duplex: We at Broadway World Cabaret tried valiantly to find any online representation of LOVE LETTERS and the video below would appear to be the only performance footage online, though there is a trailer featuring photos and audio of rehearsals.

Grace Lee Brown - Say Goodnight Gracie - The Duplex : Despite exhaustive efforts, Broadway World was unable to find any online representation of Grace Lee Brown in Say Goodnight Gracie, though we did discover a Cabaret Scenes review HERE and a YouTube video of Ms. Brown in action in another show, seen below.

What's your choice for Best Alternative Cabaret show? Vote HERE.

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