Vanessa Marano Sends Up GILMORE GIRLS Character In New Short

Vanessa Marano ("Switched At Birth") has taken the haters of her "Gilmore Girls" character April Nardini to task in a just-released episode of the Youtube comedy series "Bad Boy".

In the new short entitled "Bad Boy & the Gilmore Girl", Marano comes face-to-face with Mack, the titular bad boy who happens to be a huge "Gilmore Girls" fan - but an equally huge April Nardini hater. Writer/director/star Artie O'Daly based the short on the long-held feelings of "Gilmore" fans and Marano's personal experiences with them.

In "Gilmore Girls", Marano played the long-lost daughter of Luke, the central love interest to Lauren Graham's Lorelai Gilmore. Her sudden emergence resulted in a rift in their relationship after years of the audience waiting for them to finally be together.

"Vanessa is fully aware of why people don't like her character," says O'Daly. "She was a fan of 'Gilmore Girls' before she ever starred on it and wanted Luke & Lorelai to be together as much as the next fan. But she was also just a 12-year-old actress who people still blame for ruining what was their favorite show - and hers."

O'Daly sees the short as a bit of enlightenment for the April-haters, and a chance for Marano to have the last laugh.

"When you break it down, she was an innocent party to what happened on the show," says O'Daly. "I wanted to make sure that was pointed out in my short. But the real joy is seeing how she reacts when she's confronted with the biggest April Nardini hater there is. I'm hoping this will lead to Vanessa starring on a sitcom. She absolutely nails it."

"Bad Boy & the Gilmore Girl" is the latest installment of O'Daly's popular Youtube series "Bad Boy", a collection of comedic short films revolving around a writer named Scott (Artie O'Daly) and "bad boy" Mack (Tony Harth) who has adopted Scott as his "daddy". The four shorts thus far have accumulated over one million views on O'Daly's Youtube channel with future installments in pre-production.

Bad Boy. Starring Tony Harth and Artie O'Daly. Guest starring Alina Bock, Vanessa Marano. Produced by Artie O'Daly & Tony Harth. Written & directed by Artie O'Daly. Director of Photography is Jaison Blackwater. Editor is Artie O'Daly.

Follow Artie O'Daly on Instagram @ArtieODaly and Twitter @ArtieODaly; Vanessa Marano on Instagram @VanessaMarano and Twitter @VanessaMarano; Tony Harth on Instagram @TonyHarth.

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