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Tiffany Alford, Teala Dunn, Jessie Paege and More Announced for AT&T Hello Lab's 'Guilty Party'

When the victim of high school bullying appears to start taking revenge on the clique that casts her out, a group of teens must face the sins of their past before their SECRETS tear them apart. In AT&T* Hello Lab's "Guilty Party", the audience plays the role of detective to discover who is exposing everyone's secrets.

Told through a mixture of weekly episodes and daily character vlogs, "Guilty Party" debuts Aug. 29 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other "Guilty Party" social handles. The series will air on DIRECTV NOW later this year.

"Guilty Party" is part of AT&T Hello Lab, a collection of original entertainment created by, for and with Millennial and Gen Z audiences on social media, in conjunction with Fullscreen. The cast of "Guilty Party" has a social media footprint of more than 38 million.

Main characters include:

· Emma (Tiffany Alvord) - A golden girl whose life is upended when she becomes a viral meme after she is filmed freaking out when her diary is stolen and published. She is determined to find out who did it and why.

· Tatiana (Teala Dunn) - A type-A overachiever who loves being part of the school's "power couple," she always been a little angry at Emma for whom everything seemed so effortless.

· Jake (Kian Lawley) - A ladies' man who was dating Emma when the diary was revealed, he never quite understood their relationship and now that she's disappeared, he may never. He's moving on but his new relationship isn't smooth sailing either.

· Alex (Miles McKenna) - Alex was never the center of the group but always the glue and keeper of secrets.

· Charlie (Jessie Paege) - A REBEL from the wrong side of the tracks who grew up with Tatiana and Emma and their group, Charlie does not define herself as part of it. Although she shuns the hypocrisy of high school antics, she sometimes yearns to be part of it.

· Preston (Manolo Vergara) - The King to Tatiana's Queen. Destined for great things, he also has something to hide that could shatter his dreams.

· Tess (Alexis G. Zall) - Providing a narrative voice to keep the story moving, her video blog is seen by the student body as an all-knowing guide to the lives of the in-crowd.

Rounding out the ensemble are Leonora Pitts as Charlie's mom; Anzu Lawson as Principal Lee; Kenny Knox as the always opinionated JR; and Vale Genta as Olivia.

"AT&T is passionate about connecting digital creators with their fans, pushing boundaries and challenging our audience to take positive action and consider different viewpoints," said Karyn Spencer, vice president- Creator Lab, AT&T. "We hope that "Guilty Party" entertains, but also prompts viewers to develop positive solutions when they find themselves in similar situations in their lives."

The audience will obtain clues on "Guilty Party" social channels to help them solve the mystery of who is sharing the secrets. Characters will also be commenting and interacting directly with fans in the comments section of each episode and select vlogs on YouTube. Additionally, super fans will have the opportunity to submit conspiracy theories and fan art, the best of which will be hosted on Tess's blog.

"Guilty Party' takes the YA genre one step further by making the narrative interactive. We saw firsthand the power of fandom throughout the first year of AT&T Hello Lab, and we wanted to LEVERAGE that fan passion to tell a more dynamic story with Guilty Party, said Maude Standish, vice president of programming strategy, Fullscreen Media. "We're excited to see how fans respond to their favorite creators doing something so different from their daily content."

With cyber-bullying playing a big role in the series, the cast of "Guilty Party" will be involved with AT&T and Fullscreen's Later Haters campaign, which promotes positivity and kindness online. It inspires teens to be more aware of their online actions and drown out haters with more positivity. Throughout the series, some of the "Guilty Party" cast members will be encouraging their fans to take time to reflect, recharge, and radiate more online love and positivity.

Learn more at @ATTHelloLab.

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