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'Some Like It Pop' Counts Down TV's Best Dramas, Announces New Contest!

After having done two List-O-Palooza episodes around theatre themes and two on movies themes, this week Jenn and I finally got around to our sweet spot, and dove into a television theme. In our latest List-O-Palooza episode, we countdown our Top-10 Currently Running Television Dramas!

In our first two List-O-Palooza episodes, we counted down our Top-10 Favorite Plays (listen here) and Top-10 Favorite Musicals (listen here). We also recently counted down our Top-10 Oscar Best Picture winners (listen here) and our Top-10 Sports Movies (listen here). In this episode, which you can listen to below, we reveal that we have very different rooting interests, but ultimately our suckers for a good sports movie!

On this mini-episode series from BroadwayWorld's Pop Culture Podcast "Some Like it Pop," Jennifer McHugh and I will be counting down our Top-10 lists of various themes from "Favorite Movies" to "Favorite TV Shows" to "Favorite Films Featuring Live-Action Anthropomorphic Animals That Most People Think are Cute, but are Secretly Terrifying."

Since Jenn has a slightly neurotic obsession with lists, we've decided to make this one-time segment into a regular, stand-alone show of its own. So, in the week's between our regular episodes of "Some Like it Pop," you will be able to check out brand new "List-O-Palooza" episodes every Wednesday. If you have a list you want us to count down, tweet us your idea.

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In addition to being able to find all of our episodes on BroadwayWorld, we are also available on iTunes (subscribe here), Stitcher (subscribe here), and Google Play. So, subscribe, download, and share "Some Like it Pop"! To check out all of our old episodes, click here.

If you want to tell us what you thought of our lists, reach out on Twitter. Collectively, we are @SLIPpodcast. Also, Jenn is @EponineQ and I am @BWWMatt.

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