Science Channel Airs Enhanced Episodes of THROUGH THE WORMHOLE w/ MORGAN FREEMAN Tonight

Science Channel unveils enhanced episodes of its Emmy(R) nominated hit series Through the Wormhole WITH Morgan Freeman with BEYOND THE WORHHOLE WITH Morgan Freeman this October, offering even more insight into some of sciences most provocative questions.

Join Academy Award(R) winner, Morgan Freeman, and top scientists from around the world as they shed new light on some of his favorite topics enticing viewer's insatiable Curiosity for areas of the unknown.

BEYOND THE WORMHOLE will take a deeper dive into mysteries that have puzzled mankind for eternity covering topics from resurrection, time travel to God's existence.

This new series will offer mind-blowing facts and new details from the depths of science Revealing extraordinary truths of our universe. Tune in to BEYOND THE WORHHOLE WITH Morgan Freeman on Science Channel tonight, October 9 at 9PM ET/PT.