SHIPPING WARS Among Upcoming Season Premieres on A&E Network

SHIPPING WARS Among Upcoming Season Premieres on A&E Network

A&E Network is giving the gift of big premieres this holiday season with the return of hit original series "Storage Wars," "Shipping Wars," "Storage Wars: Texas" and "Beyond Scared Straight." "Storage Wars" will kick things off with new episodes beginning Tuesday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/PT. The third season of "Shipping Wars" goes into gear on Wednesday, December 12 at 10PM, following the return of "Storage Wars: Texas" at 9 PM ET/PT. "Beyond Scared Straight" will get back in line on Thursday, December 20 at 10PM ET/PT.

In the all-new episodes of "Storage Wars," the bidders are back in business in California. Barry Weiss pays a visit to dear old mom. Dave "The Minister of Mayhem" Hester continues to make people pay. Jarrod and Brandi buy their most expensive locker ever. And Darrell, "The Gambler," doubles down on what might be the biggest "Storage Wars" hit of all time!
In the new season of "Shipping Wars," Marc, Jarrett, Jennifer, Roy, Chris and Robbie are back, hauling some of the strangest and most challenging items to date. From a houseboat to a human-sized hamster wheel, there is nothing that these movers won't ship! In the season premiere episode, unlikely partners Roy and Jennifer will even take on a load of rodeo bulls together, and boy are they in for a wild ride! This season, crushing loads, multiple blowouts and precariously placed items cause lots of problems, and one of the shippers will even get stopped by law enforcement for transporting stolen property!

In the new episodes of "Storage Wars: Texas," Ricky, Bubba, Moe, Mary, Victor and Jenny continue on a treasure hunt in the Lone Star state. Their adventures include a trip to the Dallas suburb of Addison, where the buyers find one person's trash is another person's death trap; in Garland, a city boasting the slogan "Texas Made Here," one buyer brings more cash than ever before; some bidders are off to the races, while others are under the weather in Arlington, and in Mineral Wells, the buyers get more than they can handle when severe weather complicates a day of auctions.

"Beyond Scared Straight," the ground-breaking series that profiles rebellious and at-risk teens as they experience immersive jail programs to deter them from becoming criminals, returns with eight new episodes, starting with a special 90-minute premiere. For the first time in the series, a desperate mother travels 1,200 miles from Texas to South Carolina with her three violent, out-of-control daughters so they can participate in the nation's only all-night jail program. The three teens are so defiant that half-way through the night, the officer in charge says to camera: "I don't think this is going to work out." The three girls band together throughout their experience as the most insolent teens in series history.

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