ONCE THE MUSIC PLAYED to Star Broadway's Lawrence Leritz & More

ONCE THE MUSIC PLAYED to Star Broadway's Lawrence Leritz & More

Once The Music Played, a new film by writer/director J. Niles, has just released an IndieGoGo campaign to partially fund the upcoming film. As celebration of Broadway performers lives, Once The Music Played tells the story of three young dancer's struggles, as they chase their Broadway dreams.

With some of New York City's finest acting, musical and dance talent in one film, Once The Music Played will star recording artist/actress Stacy Sullivan, actor/choreographer Lawrence Leritz (Fiddler On The Roof, Fonteyn and Nureyev On Broadway, Boobs! The Musical), actress/recording artist Anastasia Barzee (Miss Saigon, Jekyll & Hyde, Urinetown), actress/dancer Dara Adler (Phantom Of The Opera) and actress/dancer Savannah Brown, with a special guest appearance by Mercedes Ellington (Sophisticated Ladies, No No, Nanette, Play On!) .

With Hilary Greer, Ben Van Bergen, John Ahrens, Natalie Douglas, Bob Mundy, Kerry McGann, Marie Elena O'Brien, Jennifer Pace and more!

All of us dream, all of us dare to find the courage to make those dreams a reality. Three young dancers and four aging divas struggle with life and dreams. While the young dancers give everything inside of them to make their dreams of Broadway a reality, they also struggle with the harshness of life along the way. During this process they find out that what matters most is love and friendship, while the aging divas must find a new meaning in life, now that stardom has faded. Producers are Lawrence Leritz and Marilyn Lester.

Once The Music Played on IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/once-the-music-played