IDOL WATCH: The Top 4 Revealed, Coldplay and More!


Tonight on Ammmerican Idol, the top four is revealed, Carrie Underwood and Coldplay perform, and more! Who was headed home after a night of 60s and British pop? Find out now!

"Tonight, we officially reveal your coveted top four." Ryan tells us to kick off tonight's episode. Coveted? I mean, sure, except I can't even name, like, 90% of the people who finished third or fourth in ten years of the show. Still, we do care right now about this top four, so Joshua is the first to get his results: unsurprisingly, after a strong showing, he's declared safe.

The Ford Music Video takes place in a...magical garden? I don't know what the point is supposed to be. At any rate, there are giant eggs and a huge key and golden guitars. Coldplay then takes the stage with "Paradise" in support of their tour, and all I really notice about it is that Chris Martin's mouth just really isn't matching up with what's playing through the speakers at all.

Hollie and Phil are the next to get their results. Hollie is in the bottom two (again) and Phil is safe.

Carrie Underwood performs her new single "Blown Away" from the album of the same name, released May 1. I like Carrie, and she's got an awesome voice, but this song is totally not for me. Also, the huge fans that they use to demonstrate wind blowing things away (because on Idol, every song title has to be taken literally to chose the graphics) just look cheesy.

The remaining two are called to the stage; Jimmy gets on Betty Buckley's bad side by using "Broadway" to describe why he didn't like Skylar's second performance, but also thinks that Jessica is trying to act and dress older than her age. Jessica is safe, though, and it's Hollie and Skylar who are the bottom two.

Tonight, it's the end of the road for Skylar, but I do kind of feel badly for both. They look so desolate and I think I recall one of them saying that they were friends. I still think that Skylar will go on to have a CD for sure - she's really grown on me since the beginning of the season and she gives her usual spirited performance as she bids goodbye to the show.


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