GLEE's Jane Lynch Shares How Final Season May End & What's Ahead

GLEE's Jane Lynch Shares How Final Season May End & What's Ahead

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Glee star Jane Lynch shares details on the show's upcoming sixth and final season, reveals her favorite 'Sue Sylvester' moment and discusses what's ahead in her busy schedule.

"I hope Mario comes back, of course," says Lynch of her GLEE fictional love interest portrayed by funnyman Chris Parnell. "But we'll have to see if he comes back and if that softens Sue's heart at all. I think she's back as principal, as far as I know. I think we're going to have some surprises about who's going to be the choir director of The Warblers and who will be the choir director of Vocal Adrenaline. I think it'll be a big surprise."

Asked about her favorite Sue Sylvester moment, the actress reveals, "back in season 2 when Sue's sister, Jean, passed away and Sue breaks down. You get to see another side of her. She becomes a real person. You also understand why she's so damn mean. She has spent her life protecting her sister, her very vulnerable sister, from a really cruel world. To be a bully and to be violent and a warrior is the only way she knows how to do it."

Speaking about her Life After GLEE, Lynch offers, "I don't know exactly what life will be after Glee. I'm kind of letting the universe roll in at my feet, as they say in the spiritual texts. We'll see, but I am doing a cabaret in New York this summer, so I'm going to get my feet wet in that realm and we'll see if I want to do more of those things. I have a children's book coming out in September called Marlene, Marlene Queen of Mean. So I'm doing little bits here and there. I'm enjoying my life."

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Glee will return for its sixth and final season on FOX in 2015.