El Rey Network Presents 'Carmageddon' Movie Marathon Today

Start your engines and join El Rey Network's turbo charged "Carmageddon" movie marathon today, April 4th beginning at 10AM/ET. Watch five classic carsploitation films starting with Steven Spielberg's 1971 breakout thriller DUEL at 10AM/ET, followed by Mel Gibson's return as the iconic Max in THE ROAD WARRIOR at 12PM/ET, and the co-directed George Miller and George Ogilvie MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME at 2:15PM/ET.

The fast hitting action and the tricked out rides continue as EL REY NETWORK brings extra horsepower home with and David Cronenberg's electrifying drag race feature FAST COMPANY at 4:45PM/ET, followed by Martin Scorsese's fuel injected psychological thriller TAXI DRIVER at 6:45 PM/ET.

Watch the promo for the marathon below:

Below, please find the programming schedule for El Rey Network's "Carmageddon" Marathon:


DUEL at 10:00 AM/ET

Written by Richard Matheson and based on his own short story, the Steven Spielberg directed thriller features David Mann (Dennis Weaver) as a business man traveling through the desert. During his ride he encounters a grimy and rusty truck and its psychotic driver with a ledfoot and a clear intent to kill.

Features: 1971 Plymouth Valiant sedan, 1955 Peterbilt 281 tanker truck, and 1971 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan


Also known as Mad Max 2, this 1981 Australian post-apocalyptic action film is masterfully directed by George Miller. Mel Gibson plays Max Rockatansky former Australian policeman living in the wild Australian outback. Max agrees to help defend and protect a group of settlers living in a gasoline refinery from a roving band of marauders and ends up rediscovering his humanity in the process.

Features: Ford Falcon XB Coupe, Supercharged V-8 Pursuit Special, 1973 Valiant VH coupe, 1959 Desoto, several modified F100s, and other custom vehicles including the famous dune buggies.


Co-directed by George Ogilvie, this is the third installment of George Miller's Australian post-apocalyptic Mad Max film franchise. In this film Max is rescued by a tribe of children when he is banished from Bartertown, a seedy desert town where people go to trade food, water, weapons, and supplies. Set 15 years after THE ROAD WARRIOR, this Ozploitation film stars Tina Turner as Aunty Entity, Bartertown's evil queen who vanishes Max from her community, and is the last film to feature Gibson as Max.

Features: 1965 Mack H/D, 1959 Chrysler Royal, modified Ford Fairlane ZF-ZG or Ford F-150


FAST COMPANY is directed by Canadian film maker David Cronenberg, and follows the story of a drag racer, portrayed by veteran tough guy William Smith, and his villainous manager. An early departure from Cronenberg's visceral horror, the film features gritty drama and features exciting racetrack footage.


Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro, is a Vietnam War veteran who suffers from chronic insomnia; to cope with is condition he spends his nights as a taxi driver in New York City. The decadence and sleaze of the city urge him to violent action as he slips into deep isolation and is eventually driven over the edge by his perceived powerlessness. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this award winning psychological thriller also features Jodi Foster and Harvey Keitel.

Features: 1975 Checker Taxicab

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