CBS Wants 11th Season of MEN, WB 'Interested'

CBS Wants 11th Season of MEN, WB 'Interested'

Not even Angus T. Jones' anti-TWO AND A HALF MEN comments can keep the CBS sitcom from an eleventh season renewal.

"We've told Warner Bros. TV that we would like to have a 11th season," said Nina Tassler, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler, at TCA today. "They're equally interested."

As of now, the entire cast's contracts are scheduled to end after this season.

In the last few years, the show has undercome some major changes, including Charlie Sheen's departure and the addition of Ashton Kutcher, as well as Jones' recent controversy.

As BWW TV World previously reported, it appears all is well with the network, showrunners, and Jones, who had previously called the series 'filth.' Lorre said all had been forgiven.

Tassler also agreed with Lore, according to Deadline.

"You know what, the kid is 19 years old, OK?" she said. "I've got a 24-year-old. Between the ages of 19 and 24, there have been plenty of things my kid has said that I wish he hadn't. But I think the bottom line is, cooler heads prevailed. He's been a beloved member of that cast for years and years. He issued a public apology. At the end of the day, they want him back, he wants to come back, he's tabling next week, and that's it. And we move on."

Two and a Half Men airs Thursday nights at 8:30 PM on CBS.