BWW Recap - Third Night of Four-Chair Challenge on THE X FACTOR - Episode 9

BWW Recap - Third Night of Four-Chair Challenge on THE X FACTOR - Episode 9

It's the second week of The X Factor's new Four-Chair Challenge. Let's start with Paulina and the boys.

Al Calderon sings... Call Me Maybe? Interesting choice. He tries to intensify it but I don't know if it'll fly with the judges. Kelly said it started off shaky but he pulled it together. Demi said he had great energy, but sometimes it was "a little too much." Simon literally says "interesting choice of song." Exactly what I said! Simon's in his corner because of his look and marketability, as usual. Paulina gives him a seat.

Isaiah Alston sings The Greatest Love of All! I have high standards for Whitney songs, and he definitely keeps up as best as he can. He takes criticism really well, but the judges seem to agree that he's too green for a show like this. It's a no.

Isaac Tauaefa goes with a Michael Buble-style version of Colbie Caillat's Bubbly, but it'snot as smooth as it really needs to be. His voice breaks at one point... he doesn't get through.

BWW Recap - Third Night of Four-Chair Challenge on THE X FACTOR - Episode 9Carlos Guevara rocks Ain't No Sunshine, and gets a standing ovation from the audience. He's amazing! Kelly says "he nailed it." Simon says he needs better control of his voice, but gives him points for his story. After a touching speech about wanting to be an inspiration, Paulina gives him a seat!

Apparently Stone Martin knew he wanted to be a popstar when he went to a One Directoin concert. His mom says he's obsessed. He says that before he became a "popstar" through The X Factor, he cut back on his usual monthly girlfriends. Okay... He sings Natalie Imbruglia's Torn, which if I remember correctly was One Direction's first song as a group when they were on The X Factor. His voice isn't perfect or necessarily special in my opinion, but Simon is smitten. Simon says he needs "a little bit of swag." Kelly goes, "Did you just say swag?" And Demi goes, "You know it's old when Simon says it." Aw, banter.

Chase Goehring goes with Airplanes by B.O.B. and Hayley Williams. I love this song, and it's an interesting choice for this round, but objectively I think he did a great job! The judges give him a Hard Time for this one in comparison to his audition, but Paulina gives him a seat!

Tim Olstad goes with a classic, Miley Cyrus's The Climb. It's a little intense for me, but he does a good job, and the audience is moved. Demi and Kelly agree that he shouldn't be let go at this stage in this competition. Paulina isn't sure if the performance was enough, but he gets a seat! So it's time for the first switch of the night! He gets Stone Martin's seat. I'm pleased. Simon isn't.

Carlito Olivera sings Selena's Dreaming of You and it's spot-on perfect! The Spanish appeals to Paulina, clearly, and and he's charismatic and energetic and his voice is awesome. Paulina thinks he has "great range and power" and a great attitude. He appeals to her in Spanish and declares that he's here to take care of his family and represent Latinos in the American market. He makes it through! And Chase is gone.

Timmy Thames sings a really cute, really sweet version of The New Girl in Town, from Hairspray! Wow. I don't think his vocal is perfect, but it definitely appeals to the audience and it's an impressive rendition. Demi and Kelly agree that they weren't blown away. Simon completely disagrees and says that he gave the most memorable BWW Recap - Third Night of Four-Chair Challenge on THE X FACTOR - Episode 9performance of the day. Simon fights really hard for Timmy, and Paulina gives him a chair. Paulina switches out Tim Olstad and Kelly screams, "WHAT?! NOOOO." The audience feels the same way, and everyone's booing like crazy. Mario tries to wrap up the moment but you can still hear the audience's protests. After a break, Paulina makes an even more shocking decision to bring Tim Olstad back, and now we're saying goodbye to Al Calderon instead! I agree with that, actually. It's just an awkward change of mind.

It's Josh Levi's turn. He sings a stunning rendition of I Can't Make You Love Me, one of my favorite songs. His voice is smooth, his runs are perfect, he turns it into a smooth R&B song and I think the dancing doesn't really fit and he doesn't seem to understand the song, but his confidence definitely captivates the judges and the audience. Paulina says that the entire thing was perfect, and of course Josh is in. Paulina gives him Timmy's seat.

And Paulina's final four guys are: Tim Olstad, Josh Levi, Carlos Guevara, and Carlito Olivero.

It's time for Simon's groups!

First up, Girls United. They go with Chris Brown's Yeah 3x and they're pretty hot, but I think they're also pitchy and straining. It's okay though, because Simon says yes anyway because they are very "commercial," even though he understands that vocally, he's "heard a lot better." They get a chair! Or rather, a couch.

BWW Recap - Third Night of Four-Chair Challenge on THE X FACTOR - Episode 9Wild Thingz runs around the stage doing what can only be described as a screamo version of Party Rock Anthem. It all feels a little bit idiotic and horrible. Simon even says, "What were they thinking?" Simon says, "I think if I-well actually, I'm gonna have one actually-if I had a 3-year-old," (and the crowd goes crazy) that 3-year-old would really like you. I can't believe it, but Simon gives them a seat. I can't believe it. This whole four-chair thing is starting to feel like a joke.

Glamour is the cutest group so far, and the trio emulates the Supremes in both vocals and choreography with their version of Cups. They're a lot of fun, and they get a seat.

Restless Road, one of the groups created by the judges, is a trio of male country singers. It's an interesting combination of the boy band trend and the fresh-faced cowboy trend and they do a proper cover of Keith Urban's Somebody Like You, which I love. They obviously get a yes.

We'll enjoy the rest of the groups (and see who gets to take Wild Thingz's seat) tomorrow!

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