BWW Recap: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Shocks in Summer Secret Reveal

This week's summer shocker is here! Are you surprised? Did you see it coming? Let's dive right in! This week, #MelissasSecret took center stage as Spencer learns of her sister's past. Leaving her truthful testimonal to Spencer, big sis Hastings reveals that she saw Spencer with a shovel on the night of Ali's disappearance, and then the body of their friend. BUT, the body is not Alison's! That's right, Melissa Hastings buried Bethany Young alive, thinking she was protecting Spencer from being charged with the murder. Whoa. But, why was she wearing Alison's clothes? Will we see more of Melissa next season or is her trek back to London her final stop?

The girls are put into a sticky situation when "A" strikes just before they plan on ratting on Alison at the police station. "We're all in this together," a creepy arrangement of televisions flicker, "Act normal, bitches." Now forced to seek a back-up plan, Emily enlists the help of Rosewood's favorite ex- teacher, Ezra Fitz. The two snag a pretty incriminating photo of Cyrus (the man Alison forced into confessing that he was her kidnapper) and Ali at an ATM. Could this show her paying off her faux abductor? Ali better watch out, she's making more and more enemies by the day.

In couples' news, Mona and Mike are back together, which provokes Aria into whispering something (probably along the lines of, "Get your grimy hands off my brother.") in her ear during a creepy film noir movie. Later, a quick bathroom confrontation with Mona turns the two into only mild-enemies as Mona admits that, "Alison underestimated you [Aria]." But, #MonasWarning soon shows Aria that Alison could be back for revenge on the liars sooner than she thought. Emily pursues Paige, who has seemingly moved on to another Rosewood girl. Hanna continues to worry about Caleb and enlists Spencer and Toby in a intervention double date. Caleb's line of, "Who died and made you Oprah?" to Toby nailed it, but I still worry about our scruffy couch potato.

Unfortunately, I didn't watch ABC's PLL spin-off "Ravenswood," so I'm a little thrown off when it comes to Caleb's horror stories. But later in the episode, we learn that Caleb may be dealing with something supernatural. A quick camera shot to a Quija board moving on it's own (great plug for the "Quija" movie, ABC) worries me that Rosewood may be taking a darker turn soon... Caleb isn't pleased with his intervention but once he gushes to Hanna, the two makeup with a sweet line by our favorite blonde liar: "I didn't come this far to not have a happy ending."

Tanner applies more pressure on the girls, alluding to her assumption that they had a hand in Bethany Young's death. But, now we know that's not true! Or is it? Spencer still seems a little unsure of her part played in that fateful night, and I certainly don't blame her. Byron (Mr. Montgomery) meets with Tanner, and the latter confesses that Aria is a key player in their investigation. Then, she says that the truth will be revealed soon, as one of the girls is meeting with her the following day to finally get her story straight. Overhearing this, Aria rushes to Spencer and Emily where both girls promise they aren't squealing. Knowing Hanna wouldn't talk, the girls agree that Ali is on her way to spin her story once more and continue tangling her dangerous web of lies.

Next week's #FAtalFinale will reveal a major character death. Who do you think it will be? I guess we'll have to wait and see who makes the cut! Until next week, Liars! Let me know whose grave will be dug in the comments!

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