BWW Recap: LOOKING At a Crossroads With Affairs, Counseling and Kickstarter

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Patrick (Jonathan Groff) begins to question his affair with Kevin (Russell Tovey), Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) and Dom (Murray Bartlett) discovers Kickstarter on this week's ep, "Looking Down the Road." Let's catch you up.

Patrick and Kevin are enjoying their last day together before Kevin's partner returnns. Kevin has made Patrick a proper English breakfast. Patrick worries about the calories he's consuming (his nickname used to be "Fatrick") and also brings up the fact that he heard Kevin talking with his partner last night (after Patrick and Kevin had just had sex). Kevin admits that like Patrick, he feels pretty crappy when he goes back to his partner. Kevin promises to sort everything out with the partner.

Agustin has crashed at Eddie's (Daniel Franzese) to give Patrick and Kevin space. Patrick hasn't texted Agustin to let him know it is alright to come home and with nowhere to go, Agustin accompanies Eddie to the homeless shelter, where Eddie facilitates a group for trans teens.

Doris (Lauren Weedman) is creating a Kickstarter page for Dom's restaurant. Dom doesn't think it is going to work. She wisely asks if it's Dom or Lynn (Scott Bakula as Dom's older boyfriend) talking.

At the group home, Agustin gets a call from Patrick. Ritchie (Raul Castillo) has called Patrick. They are meeting to see if they can be friends and Patrick is, of course, over-analyzing everything. Agustin tells him to just enjoy himself.

Though Patrick has just had a big English breakfast, he and Ritchie go for ice cream. Ritchie comes clean that he's seeing someone. He's a ging (a red head) and Ritchie says he's hot. Ritchie still wonders why they need to be friends since he and Patrick weren't friends before. Patrick swears there is nothing ulterior. Patrick also comes clean about dating Kevin. Ritchie is less than thrilled to hear that Patrick is dating his boss who has a partner. Ritchie warns him, but Patrick says he's being careful.

Agustin enjoys his tiime at the shelter so much, he asks Eddie about applying for a job (it seems there's an opening in the office).

Dom heads over to Lynn's after work to find the key missing from under the planter. It seems like Lynn is entertaining. Though he's less than enthusiastic by the development, Dom soon finds himself in the middle of a threesome with Lynn and one of the guys from his rugby team.

He tells Patrick about it the next morning as they shop at the farmer's market. Until, that is, Patrick happens to see Kevin and Kevin's partner. Dom quickly extracts Patrick from what could be a scene. Kevin and his partner seem to be happy together as they shop.

Patrick confronts Kevin later at work about seeing him with his partner at the market. Kevin wants to know why Patrick didn't come over and say hello. Patrick lays it all on the line: "Your life is with John. You wake up with him, you go to bed with him, you talk to him on the phone every night and we can steal little lunches and we can steal weekends, but at the end of the day we are stealing from your life with John." Kevin tells Patrick he will talk to John that day.

Dom also has a conversation with Lynn about wanting more. Lynn is incapable of giving more becuase of what he had with his deceased lover Brian. It's pretty much over. Dom leaves to join Patrick, Agustin and the gang out at the bar, but tells Doris he needs to leave. She leaves behind the beer she has just purchased to go home to comfort her friend.

Kevin arrives at the bar and tells Patrick that he couldn't tell John about the affiar. I wish I could say I was shocked. Patrick leaves the bar in tears and alone.

And with two relationships biting the dust, it's time for another episode to come to a close. What did you think? Comment below and follow me @triggercric and follow @BWWTVWorld for all the latest updates, scoops and recaps.

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