BWW: Recap: 'A Dark Ali' Shows Herself on Pretty Little Liars

Tonight's episode, "A Dark Ali", surely set up what's going to be a whirlwind of a Summer finale! With only a few hours for Ali to identify or dismiss her alleged kidnapper, the girls struggle with settling on a plan. While it's obvious "A" is in on the kidnapper, Cyrus', sudden confession, Alison doesn't want to let the man go. And for a good reason. An eerie flashback shows a friendly Alison and Cyrus hiding in an abandoned basement, but soon things turn sour as Cyrus tries to take off with some of Ali's belongings. The two struggle and we learn that the scar on Ali's thigh was inflicted by Cyrus before he fled. No wonder she doesn't want the creep to walk.

The liars discuss tactics and while Ali seems to have things under control as she preaches about her plan to end the "A game", Aria finally says something that's been on all of our minds: "What happens when we lose?" I know the girls are teenagers and seem invincible, but it's refreshing to hear one of them talking as if they aren't untouchable. Especially when we know that's certainly not the truth. "A" is ruthless and cunning, no one is safe.

While Alison mulls over her plan, Spencer works to hide the evidence Noel Kahn gave her. With a recording of Ali speaking with Shana while she was allegedly kidnapped, this is something to keep under lock and key. Of course, when Spencer goes to check in on her loot, it's missing and who is lurking in the shadows? Melissa of course! "A" calls Spencer and plays the recording over the phone...uh oh. Looks like Lieutenant Tanner might receive some interesting evidence soon. Later, it appears Melissa gave Cyrus the recording of Ali's medical examination therefore giving him enough insight to make a plausible confession. Is Melissa still on the "A" team? It sure seems that way. But, when Spencer confronts her big sis, Melissa seems more scared than evil. "Ali is as toxic as ever," she says before suggesting Spencer and her friends get as far away from the blonde liar as they can. When Spencer presses on, asking about her sister's involvement with "A", Melissa shies away from the question. It's in the final moments of the episode that we see Melissa setting up a recording to fill her little sister in on all her extra curricular activities. I've always known there was something fishy with Melissa and hopefully we'll find out what it is during next week's summer finale.

Hanna and Caleb begin cleaning up their acts and a run in with Mona sends Hanna into a stakeout. The two ex- besties keep a close eye on Lieutenant Tanner, Ali and Mr. D as they head to the basement where Ali and Cyrus stayed. Here, Ali fibs and identifies Cyrus as her kidnapper. But before Tanner can warn Rosewood PD to keep the man detained, he escapes and walks free...for now.

This news doesn't sit well with the Liars, especially Emily who seems to be the only one defending Alison this entire season. In a passionate confrontation, Emily dishes it out: "This affects all of us," she says, recounting all the times the girls have been put into danger for the sake of Ali's games. "I'm so done with you." Once again, I loved this side of Emily. She's finally pushing aside her lingering feelings for Alison and sticking up for herself and her friends.

After storming off, she joins Hanna, Aria and Spencer who all seem to agree it's time to cut ties with their manipulative leader. Spencer thinks they should take their evidence to Tanner and admits that Ali has been stringing them along all these years. Alison always puts the girls at risk for her own sake, it's about time they gave her a taste of their own medicine. A bit risky, if you ask me! But, I don't think I could live another day stuck in their shoes either. Ali's intricate web of lies is bound to snag the girls soon and getting out of the way seems to be their best bet.

And here comes the episode's - and maybe season's- most shocking scene. A dark-haired and dark clothed Ali (who I thought was Sydney at first...)meets with Cyrus in the woods, telling him it's his job to turn his life around. Although he addresses her as Ali, something seems off. Is Vivian Darkbloom back? Maybe it's the hair and clothes...or maybe it's something much bigger but quite honestly, Ali has got to be hiding bigger and darker secrets. And I'm sure she is.

Next week's explosive Summer finale will hopefully tie up many of this seasons loose endings. What will become of Aria and Ezra? What's Melissa's secret? While the Liars turn their backs on Alison? Tune in next week and we'll hash out all of next week's episode.

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