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BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Unmasks the Truth in 'Bunker Hill'

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Unmasks the Truth in 'Bunker Hill'Everyone needs a roommate that lets them sleep for a few hours after pulling an all-nighter. Nia's roommate only shows up for a minute as the episode opens, but she's exactly what Nia needs in a friend - someone to tell it like it is and look after her well-being when she forgets. I definitely wouldn't say no to her taking on a regular role.

Kara and J'onn are sleuthing at Manchester's house to get a lead on where he might be as J'onn once again apologizes and Kara chastises him for daring to believe the best in someone - as if she can't relate to that.

Even Superheroes are not immune to uncomfortable elevator small talk as James talks about his issues with Lena when Kara asks about his article. #Awkward.

Nia begins seeing visions which could easily be a product of her narcolepsy and lack of sleep, but this is a town full of aliens and superheroes, so perhaps there's more to it than that. Brainy's evasiveness on the subject certainly implies the latter.

The Children of Liberty pull a Sparticus when questioned by the DEO about Agent Liberty's identity - all claiming to be him to protect his identity.

In times of peril, it's the power hungry who show their true colors. Up until now, the replacement President had been relatively calm, collected, and reasonable. His outburst at Alex over his dipping poll numbers in the wake of the DEO killing it at Shelley Island doesn't bode well for the already crumbling country. Anyone that obsessed with power is going to do anything to keep it - no matter who stands in their way.

Supergirl and J'onn need not look any further... Manchester Black is hanging out at the Lockwood house. Manchester name drops Fiona and Lockwood knows he's been made. It was bad enough when Manchester was killing the bad guys, but he's clearly gone full-on dark side as he threatens Lydia if Lockwood doesn't play along with his charade (don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly a fan of Mrs. Lockwood, but she's a relatively innocent bystander).

(Big spoiler.) We learn that Nia is actually from a planet called Naltor, making her an alien. That certainly explains why she's been so passionate about helping them, but I almost wish that she were a human with no powers or alien heritage. It seems like at this point, every new "good guy" character that's introduced to the series is either someone with powers, connected to aliens or is an alien themselves. Not every character needs a plot twist to remain relevant to the series.

My favorite part about Nia was that she was just a regular girl. She's dealt with a significant amount of harassment as a trans woman and was in this fight because she knows how it feels to be different. She was relevant, powerful, and good without the alien plot twist, and I would have loved to see a human doing the right thing just because it's right.

Instead of narcolepsy, Nia has a condition called Genetic Oneiromancy that allows her to dream the future without control. That honestly sounds like the worst. Brainy trying to charm Nia by spouting, "hey girl" and promptly sliding off of the breakfast bar is a welcome break from the #drama.

Kara and Brainy help Nia go back to the memory of her prophetic dream to suss out the details, discovering that Lydia is in trouble - not surprising since Manchester outs Lockwood as Agent Liberty to Lydia. J'onn mind connects with Manchester, imploring him to give up this fight, as it's not what Fiona would want.

Kara gets herself, Brainy, and Nia kidnapped, hoping that the Children of Liberty will lead them to the mystery woman in Nia's dream (Lydia). Kara helpfully chimes in with, "reporting 101: when you get kidnapped, you're on the right track." Nia is not amused. Kara responds to Nia's rebuttal with, "Tell that to Lois Lane."

Lydia implores Ben to tell her that Manchester's story isn't true as she stares at the secret closet in her own house containing his costume. Gurl.

"You go girl" has never had a more deserving place than when SUPERGIRL - encased in nth metal - flies the entire building into the air, crashes it back down to break her bindings, and saves Lydia from death.

As Lockwood and Manchester get carted away, SUPERGIRL says, "he's not a movement, he's a butcher, and now he's gonna pay for it."

Nia joins the captain oblivious club as she asks SUPERGIRL where Kara is and Ben waxes poetic about himself and his broad mission and demanding the public answer who SUPERGIRL is.

The President, in his plight for the votes of the people, demands that SUPERGIRL release her identity. Insinuating that he needs to be a voice for "all of the people," he fires her and asks that she comply, as he's not looking for a war with her. She insists he not start one.

"Protect this place, and everything it stands for," are Supergirl's final words to Alex before departing the DEO for the last time.

Lydia continues to prove that she has no backbone or conviction in her morals as she sees her husband off to jail while starting a "Liberty" chant. We cut out on SUPERGIRL hovering over the crowds protesting Liberty's arrest as she watches all of the people she's sworn to protect - all of the people who have turned their backs on her and her people out of fear and violence.

Next week is the three-day crossover event that everyone has been anticipating. Get ready to see Tyler Hoechlin back in action and with a stunning black Superman suit. Personally, I'm hoping we get a little Winn action, as the episode was filmed in New York where Jeremy Jordan escaped back to Broadway. We can all be happy that he's doing what he loves back on Broadway, though, so either way - we'll survive (unlike a likely large amount of characters in these next three episodes.)

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

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