AMERICAN IDOL's Caleb Johnson: 'We Don't Really Care Who Wins'

AMERICAN IDOL's Caleb Johnson: 'We Don't Really Care Who Wins'

This week, the two remaining contestants, Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene will Face Off for the the title of American Idol Season 13 champion. However according to Johnson, what goes down when Ryan Seacrest announces the winner's name is of little importance to him.

"We really don't care who wins," Johnson told reporters outside Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre where this week's finale will take place. "'American Idol' is just a title. We want to give the best possible performances both nights and make it a memorable season. We've all won. Not just us but everybody who's been on the show this season, with the experiences we've had and the knowledge we've gained about the industry and the friends that we've made."

Irene appears to be on the same page as her competition. "No matter what place we get, whether it's first or second, I want to go out on a good note," she said. "I don't want to have a bad performance or have something I wish I would have done differently."

Both finalists were asked to recall their initial audition which started them off on the road to the finals. "I was so scared," explains 17-year-old Irene. "Walking in to a room full of cameras that you don't see on TV and three celebrity judges who are extremely successful, I didn't know what to do. From that point, I blacked out. I don't remember how the conversation went but I'm glad I got through because my confidence level has definitely been boosted."

Johnson recalls all three of his attempts at the Idol championship. . He made it to Hollywood Week during seasons 10 and 11 before giving one more try this season. "The first time I did it just to see what it was about and I literally fell in love with the whole experience. It was so intense and extreme. The second time I got cut, I went back home and wanted to write with my band and play shows and we did some mini-tours but it was so hard to get anything jump-started. It was like you were hitting the wall. You're playing to 10 or 15 people and I wanted more. I wanted to give it one more shot."

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Source: THR