AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Sets Its Finale as Top-3 Visit Their Hometowns

AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Sets Its Finale as Top-3 Visit Their Hometowns

AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Sets Its Finale as Top-3 Visit Their Hometowns

Idol fans, we've been spoiled over the last month. Thirty-minute results shows have kept the stalling and aggravating filler to a minimum, but on the heels of the torturous The Chainsmokers' "performance" of "#Selfie," I was ready to hate every pain-staking second of the return to a hour-long elimination show. However, The Powers That Be put together one of the most entertaining results episode I can remember from any non-SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE show ever.

I knew we were in for a good night when the weekly Ford commercial video was actually interesting. In it, we got a sample of each of the three potential coronation songs, as the Top-3 drove to their recording session. We didn't hear much of the songs, but they didn't sound hideous. That's saying something.

I'm not going to breakdown the Homevisits, mainly because it was difficult for me to see them through the very manly tears streaming down my face. That being said, how cute were Jena's grandparents?

Finale Performance Announcement #1
Jena Irene will be performing with Paramore next week.

Random Rant #1
I, along with nearly every IDOL fan with access to the internet, have been calling for more of an involvement from AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Sets Its Finale as Top-3 Visit Their HometownsIDOL alums. Ryan Seacrest did quick interviews with Danny Gokey and Elliott Yamin, which reminded us that there are so many more talented former Idols than just the half dozen you hear on the radio all the time. Hopefully in Season XIV, Per Blankens will return the show to a bit more of its roots.

Next we had one of the more successful recent IDOL champs, Scotty McCreery, performing his new single "Feelin' It." It kind of reminded me of every other country song that has been released in the summer over the last five years, but it was fine.

Finale Performance Announcement #2
Even less surprising than the Paramore announcement was the news that Alex Preston will be performing with Jason Mraz next Wednesday.

Finale Performance Announcement #3
Much to the delight of his "little" brother, Caleb Johnson will be rocking out on stage with KISS. Do you think he gets to put on a costume and don makeup of his own?

Now onto the results...

Advancing to the Finale (in order of announcement)
Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson

Alex Preston

Even though I have been championing a Jena-Caleb final for months now, I was sorry to see Alex go. He is an unique talent, that I fully believe will have a successful career in the music industry. He might not be destined to be a headlining act, but I could see him writing and producing songs for all kinds of artists. His contribution to the show was one of the most interesting aspects of this season for me.

So, what say you Idol Nation? Are you satisfied with next week's showdown? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BWWMatt. Remember next week's performance night will be on Tuesday, with the champion being announced on Wednesday. Check back with us next week for all of your AMERICAN IDOL Season XIII Finale news and reviews.


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