PAGEANT CONFIDENTIAL: THE ROAD TO Miss America is a special edition of "20/20," takes viewers behind the scenes of one of the most iconic pageants in the world for a surprising and intimate look at what it takes to become Miss America.

With exclusive, unfettered access to the Miss States winners, the unique hour follows the stories of several young women determined to don the coveted Miss America crown. For over six months, ABC's cameras capture candid moments in their journeys as they're transformed from state beauty queens to the polished Miss America contenders seen on stage. From sharing their vulnerable sides in rare moments at home to revealing their on-stage tricks, these are beauty queens like you've never seen before. Anchored by "Good Morning America" Anchor and former Miss America judge Lara Spencer, PAGEANT CONFIDENTIAL: THE ROAD TO Miss America airs TONIGHT, JANUARY 12 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on ABC, leading into the network's coverage of "The 2013 Miss America Competition."

Some of the competitors "Pageant Confidential: The Road to Miss America" follows include:
Miss Maine Molly Bouchard, who lost more than 50 pounds before winning her state title
The sparkling women of those big beauty pageant sash states like

Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers and Miss Florida Laura McKeeman
Miss Iowa Mariah Cary, who struggles with Tourette's syndrome
Miss Montana Alexis Wineman, who tries to conquer her fears as the youngest and the only autistic woman competing
Miss Wyoming Lexie Madden, who was once a pig wrestler
Miss New Mexico Candice Bennatt, who struggles financially to raise the money needed to compete
Miss Kentucky Jessica Casebolt, who shares her "secret weapon" for a perfect on stage bikini
Miss New York Mallory Hytes Hagan, who works as a waitress
Miss California Leah Cecil, who flubs a mock interview and works on getting it right in time for the big pageant
Miss Utah Kara Arnold, a biochemist who hates manicures and getting her hair done

For the first time ever, cameras also go behind closed doors with the judges to document the tense first meeting with the competitors, the all-important first interview believed to determine which Girls will go all the way. In addition to revealing the behind-the-scenes sweat, tears and secrets that go into the making of a beauty queen, "Pageant Confidential: The Road to Miss America" also delves into the history of this nearly 100-year-old Hallmark of American society by looking at past pageants and the women who have been here before.

John Green is the executive producer of "Pageant Confidential: The Road to Miss America" and Roxanna Sherwood is the senior producer.