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TuneIn Announces Original Podcast Series 'Place In Sound'

TuneIn Announces Original Podcast Series 'Place In Sound'

On November 13th, TuneIn will debut its latest original podcast - Place In Sound. The series will focus on the musical DNA of one city, exploring its history, trailblazers and current landscape. On the first season of Place in Sound, DJ and radio host Anthony Valadez (KCRW, FUSE TV, TuneIn) explores the musical DNA of Chicago. The entire series can be heard now on TuneIn or listen to episodes released weekly via Apple Music, Spotify, and Stitcher.

If you're a fan of hip-hop artists like Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Jamila Woods and Noname, maybe you've noticed they're doing something special, they have a lot in common and they're all from the same place: Chicago. This four part original series from TuneIn digs through the past, present and future of music and life in the Windy City. What begins as an investigation into a microcosm of hip-hop, grows into an eye-opening exploration of this legendary city's place in sound.

In the first episode, the listener will take a trip through Chicago's music history in the early to mid 20th century, learning how the Great Migration brought jazz and blues to the city, which in turn fostered continuous cycles of creativity that continue through today. To help tell the story, Valadez talks to John Russick (Chicago History Museum), Wren Graves (Consequence of Sound), Scottie McNiece (International Anthem) and jazz veteran Jeff Parker (Tortoise).

On Episode 2, the podcast turns its focus towards how issues of racism, segregation, violence and corruption have haunted Chicago for nearly a century, investigating how a city with such a rich output of music and culture also has a well-earned, albeit misunderstood, reputation for crime. Episode 3 explores the contemporary trailblazers of the 80's, 90's and 00's and how artists such as Kanye West and Common laid the groundwork for today's rich scene. The final episode of Place In Sound will examine the unique and inspired hip-hop scene bubbling out of the Windy City today, breaking down the music, community, relationships and politics of artists orbiting international stars like Chance The Rapper.

Place In Sound is not just a study of a city's music, it's an admixture of culture, socio-economic history, civics, and interviews accompanied by the relevant playlist - songs that are crucial to understanding the city its exploring. From congressmen to poets, beat makers to historians - guests will examine why Chicago's history has molded it into a hotbed of creativity and originality. Forthcoming episodes feature Vic Mensa, Ravyn Lenae, Knox Fortune, DJ Sneak, DRAMA, Sharkula, DJ Spinn and many more. All 4 episodes will be released via TuneIn on Nov 13 but will roll out episodically on all other podcast platforms.

"It's not every day that a team has the opportunity to do a deep dive into a city as important and diverse as Chicago. The writer, producers and host of the pod were driven to embed themselves in the scene to try to tell the deeper story of how Chicago's civics history affected the 4 to 5 succinct music genres that it has birthed or influenced." - Charles Raggio, Executive Producer, TuneIn.

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