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The Chad Sipes Stereo Releases New Grunge And Rock Album THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS

The album speaks on the opioid crisis.

The Chad Sipes Stereo Releases New Grunge And Rock Album THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS

The four man alternative rock and grunge band, The Chad Sipes Stereo, have been together for 12 years. They were formed by lead songwriter Chad after his time as the bassist in Sodajerk, a touring band at the forefront of early 2000s. Other members include Erik Cirelli on guitar and other noises, Jon Miller on guitar and engineering, and Nick McCall on drums.

They just released their newest album Thoughts and Prayers, a grunge and rock album that harkens back to the sounds of the late 90's and early 2000's that's reminiscent of R.E.M., Green Day, and Weezer. "With this album, I decided to explore a narrative about the opioid crisis we face here in America. I am by no means an expert-I don't want anyone to feel bad about taking medication-but I see something dangerous and very widespread."

Each song depicts a story about the opioid crisis in America that weaves together to create an overall narrative. While the stories of each song is non-linear, the album is bookended with a song about childhood and death. Thoughts and Prayers opens with "Every Single Kid," a story about two kids who lead separate and different lives, but what they have in common is the medication their parents give them, and closes with the title track, a story about a man who kicked his habit but dies in the hospital due to the affects on his body.

Thoughts and Prayers tackles the issues from every angle, from Big Pharma in "Pharmacy" and "New Prescription," to parenting in "Therapy" and "Every Single Kid," and even the positives of modern day medicine in "Pill For That." Every song ties together beautifully. Thoughts and Prayers never once wags a finger, but focuses on a stark reality: for better or worse, at some point in our lives, we all end up on pills.

Listen here:

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