TODAY Personality Mario Armstrong to Launch First Ever Live Streamed, Interactive Talk Show

TODAY Personality Mario Armstrong to Launch First Ever Live Streamed, Interactive Talk ShowRoker Media and TODAY Show personality Mario Armstrong have inked a co-production deal to create the Never Settle Show, the first ever live-streamed, interactive weekly talk show for Facebook Live. Tapping into Mario's experience as one of the most well known digital lifestyle experts on television today, the Never Settle Show will uniquely combine the traditional live-studio audience talk show format with the cutting-edge viewer participation features of Facebook Live and today's top social platforms such as Twitter, Busker, Instagram, and Periscope.

The Never Settle Show will feature a mix of celebrity guests, experts, musicians, comedians, and artists who share their own "never settle" stories and keys to success. In addition, the show will be a platform for everyday people to share their personal uplifting stories, who might not otherwise be heard. Ultimately, the Never Settle Show is designed to help viewers pursue their passions and dreams, while inspiring them to think about how they want to move forward with their lives. A live DJ, weekly guest bartender and interactive video wall on set will keep the audience both entertained and engaged.

"I've watched Mario over the years come into millions of homes and talk to people about trends in technology and how it impacts their lives, but what I also always loved about Mario was his passion for helping people better their lives," said Al Roker. "Mario has the perfect personality, talk show format, and new media experience that will make the Never Settle Show hugely successful on a platform like Facebook Live. We could not be more pleased for the opportunity to partner with Mario and help make the Never Settle Show a reality.

The Never Settle Show's interactive premise, where viewers will be able to participate in the show directly - in real time - by choosing the topics, picking the guests, and engaging with the guests was one of the key reasons it caught the eye of Roker Media, a new joint venture between Al Roker and partner Ronald C. Pruett, Jr., to be the first Live Streaming Network that lives at the intersection of brands, influencers and audiences.

"Al Roker has been someone I have admired for a long time, as well as a true friend, so I could not be more thrilled about partnering with Roker Media on the Never Settle Show," added Mario Armstrong. "Through our new deal, we now have an experienced, award-winning team on the production side and access to even more resources, especially distribution. I can't wait to launch a talk show that's for the people and by the people, on a platform where most people live and interact daily, which is Facebook."

The Never Settle Show is executive produced by Mario Armstrong Media in association with Roker Media. It will be presented as part of Roker Media's slate of new live-streamed shows at The Live Fronts on October 25, 2016 in New York City. The Live Fronts will bring together content creators, executives, advertisers and innovators to share insights around the current and future states of live streaming.

Mario Armstrong is an Emmy Award-winning talk show host and Digital Lifestyle Expert. He is a regular contributor on NBC's TODAY show, CNN, and NPR, in addition to Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, and Rachael Ray.

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You've probably seen Mario on TV as an Emmy Award-winning talk show host and Digital Lifestyle Expert or as a regular contributor on NBC's TODAY show, CNN, and NPR. Or maybe on Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, or Rachael Ray.

When he's not playing host, contributor, and expert, he's living a balanced life, playing husband and father, devouring sushi, meditating, adding to his metal lunchbox collection, and taking his "sneaker head" status to borderline obsessive levels. (Seriously, you wouldn't believe this guy's closet.)

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While Mario is the face, the fun, the fashion, and the force that everyone gets to see and enjoy, Mario Armstrong Media is hardly a one-man show. Mario comes with an entire team of strategists, researchers, producers, idea generators, and content creators all working hard (and playing hard!) behind the scenes, making great things happen.

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