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Official 'Envision Festival' Trailer is LIVE!


The Envision team is on a mission.

Official 'Envision Festival' Trailer is LIVE!

As we all daydream of mystical beaches, magical experiences, and those metamorphic dance floor moments, the Envision team is on a mission; to make the 2022 return of their carefully crafted festival more permanent and impactful than ever before. Today they have reached an important milestone of that mission by releasing the Official 2022 Trailer. Featuring mind-blowing footage from the widely hailed 10-Year Anniversary event, one of the last festivals to take place in 2020, this video is an astonishing invitation to join the 11th edition of the experience, and it's spectacular craftsmanship will leave viewers Envision-ing a new future.

Envision 2022 Super Early Bird Tickets officially drop on December 8th, 2020, and you're invited to join the journey ahead, which will culminate on February 21st - 28th, 2022 at Rancho la Merced in Uvita, Costa Rica.




As one of the very few festivals to host a successful event in 2020, Envision does not take this privilege lightly. Envision sees it has a higher purpose, a wider reach, and a greater role to play in the global shift the world is experiencing. The energy, diligence and gratitude that is usually poured into their aftermovie recap was redirected and became the Official 2022 Trailer, leveraging rare 2020 festival content to harness the message of their vital work that will ring true and provide inspiration to a much wider-scale audience.

  • The core beliefs and integrity of the Envision brand rings loudly from the script written by Josh Wendel (CEO and Co-Founder) who felt it was important that the language of the brand remain sensitive to the times and the direction of the company. Using Envision as an example of solutions the world needs so much during this pivotal time. Whether you have heard of the festival, might attend or would never attend, his focus is to provide the core message of Envision in a way that could create inspiration.

  • Envision is excited to showcase the stellar work of Plaga Studios. This young and incredibly talented visionary team of Guatemalan brothers created a video that captures the essence of collaboration and unity the festival embodies, while pouring their heart and soul to this project.

  • The song featured in the video, Labyrinth by Emancipator remixed by CloZee, is a dreamy collaboration created by the final Luna Stage sunrise acts that closed out the anniversary event in February 2020. These artists are dear to the hearts of Envision and have played at and grown with the festival over the years. Full Credits & Notable Features listed below.

Envision is an opportunity to delve deeper into the healing arts for both individuals and the planet alike, offering a unique 'vacation' of value and growth. In 2020 they brought over 100 facilitators from 15+ countries for 125 hours of educational programming ranging from herbal medicine to community building, sustainable entrepreneurship, and environmental activism. This is an invitation to treat yourself to an experience that perpetuates a new way of living, teaches concepts and encourages a more sustainable planet and an inspired community. Journey home for what will be the most powerful reunion yet!




  • Steeped in heritage and tradition, this is Envision Festival's 11th Edition

  • Envision 2022 will take place on February 21st - 28th, 2022 in Uvita, Costa Rica.

  • Envision 2022 Super Early Bird tickets officially drop on December 8th, 2020.

  • A VIP Ticket + Tree Planting contest is currently running on their Instagram [relink post]

  • Envision 2020 Sold Out of all tickets + accommodations

  • Updated Ticketing Policies


Title: Envision Festival Official 2022 Trailer

Directed, Edited & Animated by: Plaga Studio

Music: Emancipator ft. CloZee - Labyrinth

Producer: James Gangemi, Josh Wendel & Julia Borden

Voice Over: Josh Royse
VO Master: Taylor Hetty

Video & Photography:

  1. Valentyn Syenin

  2. Holden Davies

  3. Remington Wilcox

  4. Philip Whiteman

  5. Joe Keca

  6. Daniel Cooper

  7. Luis Hernandez

  8. Antonio Madrigal

  9. Andy Tomkinson

  10. Charlie Orellana

  11. Alejandro Campollo

  12. Antonio Campollo

  13. Kenny Withrow

  14. Nathan Doherty

  15. Mike Oberlies

Notable Features:

  1. CloZee

  2. Emancipator

  3. Monolink

  4. Rufus Du Sol

  5. Jan Blomqvist

  6. Moontricks

  7. Momentom Collective

  8. Cristina Kalyani

  9. Hannah Mermaid

  10. Nahko Bear

  11. Luigi Jimenez of Santos Y Zurdo

  12. Sarah Wu

  13. Jonah Kest

  14. Andrew Sealy

"Envision is a community. We started as a dream, grew into a festival and have now ever-evolved into a thriving and holistic ecosystem. As many of our creative industries face unknown challenges and an uphill climb, we have something so much bigger to share. We are a beacon of light into a new way of living that empowers individuals, connects change makers and truly builds intentional communities that can be self sufficient." ~ Josh Wendel, Envision Co-Founder

"I had heard tell of the seemingly mythical Envision Festival situated where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean in Uvita, Costa Rica, but stories about a music festival couldn't possibly have prepared me for the expansive and thoughtful celebration of creation, dance, yoga, art, nature, healthy living, and sustainability that comprised the magical reality of this now two-week experience." ~ Forbes

"If you've made a resolution to be a bit healthier - without skimping on the fun - this Costa Rica festival in the middle of an astounding natural setting could be for you." ~ Lonely Planet

"Envision is a pretty wild proposition. It's not just about the partying but also about healing, yoga, personal growth, and community. That means you get equal parts nature, music, sunset yoga, vegan chocolate, sitting cross-legged, surfing, neon raves, meditation, and hugging." ~ Uproxx

"Envision presents an ideal backdrop for many avenues of spiritual exploration. The breathtaking natural setting is enough to propel us into a more conscious, meditative state. The jungle grounds us, clearing our minds from the chaos created by the stimulus overload of our everyday lives, thus allowing us to easily unearth our spirituality." ~ BuzzFeed

"There's a certain commitment to experience art, music, and community in the depths of the jungle in Costa Rica....It all seems to work perfectly in harmony at Envision." ~ EDM Sauce

"Widely hailed as one of the world's most eco-friendly festivals, Costa Rica's Envision Festival is "a spellbinding showcase of electronic music and spiritual connection." ~ MixMag

"Envision is a festival of the future. It's a place for people to come together and share thoughts and ideas of how we can live in a better place and learn from each other and be better people. It's something really magical that not all festivals have. It gives you the opportunity to learn from the other people that come to contribute to this community. All together, we build an experience that each one of us can carry with us back to our homes." ~ Luigi Jimenez

"Envision provides a taste of what it feels like to live in a community and be surrounded by like-minded people." ~ Stephen Brooks, Envision Co-Founder

"At Envision you never cease to be surprised, because in every corner there is always something new to discover and do." ~ Teletica

"[Envision Festival] strength lies in the passion behind the hands and minds that make the festival grow and the beautiful experience that the passion has created after 10 years of learning and teaching." ~ Electric Feels

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