New York Film Academy Introduces THE BACKLOT Podcast

New York Film Academy Introduces THE BACKLOT Podcast

New York Film Academy Introduces THE BACKLOT Podcast

After more than a decade of hosting a long list of industry insiders in its Guest Speaker Series, the New York Film Academy (NYFA) is premiering a podcast of the series' highlights, called "The Backlot." Listen to intimate conversations with Hollywood insiders on your preferred podcast player. The debut episodes feature Al Pacino, Aubrey Plaza, and Seth Rogen.

"[W]riting 'Superbad' was really [about] finding the balance between doing work that I thought was adult and transcended the fact that I was a teenager," states Seth Rogen in one of the launch episodes.

"The Backlot" provides podcast listeners with the opportunity to listen in on exclusive talks with industry luminaries. In the first three episodes:

  • Laugh along to Seth Rogen's stories about performing stand-up comedy and screenwriting.
  • Hear Aubrey Plaza evaluate her NYFA experience and playing the role of an evil stepsister early in her career.
  • Listen to Al Pacino's candid insights about developing his own acting technique.

"The Backlot" is based on the New York Film Academy Guest Speaker Series moderated and directed by Hollywood producer Tova Laiter. The podcast is hosted by Eric Conner, a senior instructor at NYFA, and is produced by the New York Film Academy.

Become better acquainted with premier guests on the behind-the-scenes show that is "The Backlot." Hear the first three episodes today and subscribe wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Google Play, TuneIn, and via RSS).

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