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Murielle Shares 'SO MUCH!' Video

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Murielle Shares 'SO MUCH!' Video

Belgium-born, Congolese-American singer/songwriter Murielle just shared her self-directed video for "SO MUCH!", taken from her self-produced mixtape Cancer Moon Child. The themes and the music here are expertly layered, taking shape during various nights alone in her childhood basement. Forced into silence (and therefore into herself), Murielle had to come to terms with her very first heartbreak.

As Murielle explains, "One of the scariest feelings in the world is knowing that you care for someone more than they may care for you. All too often, it is a feeling so many women, especially Black women, experience. The feeling takes on many forms. It robs you of sleep, shortens your breath, fills you with the deepest hue of red rage and finally, forces you to let go. Yet still, we care. 'Cancer Moon Child' explores the complexities of that feeling."

The listener is welcomed into Cancer Moon Child by a tearful Murielle being consoled by her four best friends. "We were on a Zoom call one night, and had no idea that it was being recorded. One of the most important conversations of my life thus far was accidentally recorded...I knew I had to sample it," Murielle says.

The songs here explore the various feelings the 23-year-old grappled with when experiencing "love": trust issues, poor communication skills, conflated egos, and ultimately, growth. Murielle uses heavy bass lines, synthesizers, samples, as well as vocal layering techniques to tell her story. She explains, "The whole project is so layered, emotionally and sonically. It's the most honest I've ever been about my feelings towards someone, as well as my feelings towards myself. I fed up, you fed up, but I hope we're better for it."

Murielle grew up on the sounds of Congolese Gospel, Rumba and Opera mixed with early 2000s R&B and pop. Paired with the smell of frying plantains, these contrasting soundscapes served as infinite inspiration. Mixing vocal layering techniques of girl groups, ambient electronic elements and heart-beat like percussion, she creates an experience like no other.

Laced in her maman's gold, fresh pressed tips and frosted lip gloss, Murielle is exactly what she looks like: your favorite fearless Black girl making damn good pop music.

Photo Credit: Efosi Monique

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