Dance Currents to Present ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF MODERN DANCE, 9/28

Dance Currents to Present ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF MODERN DANCE, 9/28

Dance Currents presents "One Hundred Years of Modern Dance" on Saturday, September 28, 10AM at the Underground Theater, 7 Medford St., Arlington, Mass., with workshop to follow in Modern Technique/Repertory.

Modern Dance developed in the last one hundred years as a way to free the spirit in dance. Since then it has become a dance language with its own particular movement vocabulary and some of its own forms, but the original impulse, which was the freeing of the human spirit to dance is the force which drives the growth of Modern Dance. This concert will include the historical repertory of Dance Currents, Inc., including works by Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Charles Weidman, Anna Sokolow, Donald McKayle, Jose Limon, David Parsons and Robert Battle. Under the direction of Ms. Hassinger, the well-trained dancers in the company are Jennifer Burpee, Jennifer Cote', Whitney Cover, Sarah Josselyn, Liann Lim, Lauren Previte, Kai Sherman and Alison Smith.

The program is as follows: Narcissus (1903) by Isadora Duncan, the classic story of self discovery, which reveals her love of, and harmony with, nature. Incense (1906) by Ruth St. Denis, an honoring or blessing of the performance space in the spirit of a Hindu ritual. Mazurka and Tango (1920) by Ted Shawn, two pieces from a collection of sixteen dances in sixteen rhythms. Three Brahms Waltzes (1964), choreographed by Charles Weidman in memory of his partner, Doris Humphrey. The Pond and the Cage, (1981) by Anna Sokolow, which deals with the alienation of self absorbtion. Rainbow Etude (1996, after Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, 1959) by Donald McKayle, is the story of a man on a chain gang looking for signs of rain, or release.Limon Etude, arranged by Carla Maxwell in 2001-2002 and based on Jose Limon's movement (b.1908-d.1972), is done toGretchen am Spinnrade, Schubert's song of love and longing. Parsons Etude, by David Parsons, a collection of his movement phrases done in rapid fire to a hard driving contemporary beat by Tony Powell, and Battle Etude, a piece choreographed by Robert Battle, the current Head of the Alvin Ailey Company. Together the dances present an evolution of modern dance, from the simple purity of natural movement to the intricacy of contemporary dance. Jill Beck from the Labanotation Bureau coached Ms. Hassinger on the St. Denis, Shawn, Weidman and Sokolow pieces with help from Jim and Lorry May on The Pond and the Cage. Ms. Hassinger learned Narcissus from Pat Adams, and The American Dance Legacy, principally through the instruction of Caroline Adams, Laura Bennett, and Erica Pujic were invaluable resources for the McKayle, Limon, Parsons and Battle Etudes.

Kathy Hassinger is currently teaching "Perspectives in World Dance" at Emerson College as well as directing Dance Currents Inc. Ms. Hassinger has produced fifteen concerts, including A Series of Sunday Afternoons (Angels Afoot, Chaos and Connection, and Charge the Air) at Green Street Studios (2012-2013). The Haiku Project, March 2012, Flowering Vine 2011, and Myths, Memories, and Shadows of Morning 2010 produced at The Dance Complex, two at Eastern Nazarene college (2008, 2009), Bridging the Gulf, (2007) a benefit for victims of hurricane Katrina, Currents of Contemporary Dance (2008) at Cambridge Multicultural Theater, Three Modern Choreographers (2005) at Triskelion Arts, in New York, and Dances to the Music of Archangelo Corelli (2004), at The Dance Complex.

Dance Currents presents "One Hundred Years of Modern Dance", at the Underground Theater, 7 Medford St., Arlington, MA 02474, 10 am, with workshop in Modern Technique and Repertory to follow 11:30-2pm (break for lunch included). Ticket price: $15 for performance and $15 for workshop. For information or reservations call 781-863-5360 or e-mail