Choreographers Chosen for National Choreographers Initiative at Irvine Barclay Theatre

Be there for the birth of, not one, but four new ballets created as part of the intensive 3-week process of the National Choreographers Initiative. Director Molly Lynch has invited four choreographers of note - Gabrielle Lamb, Barry Kerollis, Garrett Smith and Philip Neal - as well as sixteen professional dancers from ballet companies across the country, to participate. The project culminates in a public performance, NCI Discovery '14 that showcases the excitement of new creation.

The 11th annual National Choreographers Initiative will take place this summer from July 6-25. During the three weeks of intense creative effort at the dance studios of University of California, Irvine, teams of choreographers and professional dancers will produce new dance works culminating in a public performance of NCI Discovery at Irvine Barclay Theatre on Saturday, July 26 at 8pm.

Each choreographer is given complete freedom to choose the style and theme of the work. This is a laboratory for the choreographers to develop their movement and thematic ideas. Artistic Directors from dance companies around the country have been contacted for their input and involvement and several have included these works in their company's repertoire. [The choreographers retain the right to promote and license the works they have created to other companies.]

The concert concludes with a question and answer session, moderated by Artistic Director Molly Lynch, giving the audience the opportunity to discuss the production with the four choreographers.

Since 2004, NCI has hosted 41 choreographers, 98 dancers, and has produced 44 new works - 23 of which have been produced by companies throughout the United States.

Artistic Director Molly Lynch: "NCI provides an opportunity to engage outstanding choreographers from around the U.S. in the creative process. There is a need nationwide to have a workshop setting where choreographers can create works of their choosing and have time to experiment and develop their craft. Through this project, NCI provides this opportunity and therefore supports these national choreographers, dancers, and the greater dance community."