YIELDED CAPTIVE Explores the Risks and Rewards of Missionary Work

YIELDED CAPTIVE Explores the Risks and Rewards of Missionary Work

What if the very people you were trying to reach with the gospel killed your husband and kidnapped you and your son?

Dalaina May, a member of a church planting team serving among an isolated tribe in Peru, asked herself this very question - and wrote a novel describing such a scenario.

In Yielded Captive, Dalaina draws from her own experiences living in the jungle with her husband and four sons and unflinchingly explores the suffering and joy that come with taking the gospel to unreached people groups. The novel traces the story of Allison Carter and her infant son, Isaac, as they are forcibly assimilated into a tribe that has no contact with the outside world.

Allison must cope with adjusting to a primitive lifestyle among the "Shampiri," learning a new language and keeping her battered faith intact - all while attempting to raise her son without the care and encouragement of her husband and missionary colleagues.

"I think it is easy for believers to just sugarcoat what living for God looks like," Dalaina notes. "When the unspeakable happens, we have the choice to either walk away from our faith, ignore the fact that our beliefs and reality are in opposition or re-examine our theology."

Through a gripping narrative, Yielded Captive does just that, by exploring big questions of how God can use suffering and persecution to accomplish His purposes - particularly His mission to bring the gospel to the most difficult places on earth.

Yielded Captive also recounts the humor, high adventure and unusual discoveries that come with living in a different culture, as Allison adjusts to her new life, makes friends among the tribe and learns the extraordinary ways the Shampiri survive in the jungle.

Yielded Captive is available in paperback wherever books are sold and on Amazon Kindle and iBooks. For more information, review copies or to schedule an interview with Dalaina, contact Matt Green at 321-231-5624 or mgreen@orlandoteam.com.

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YIELDED CAPTIVE Explores the Risks and Rewards of Missionary Work