V.L. Ewing Releases THE EXPERT BOOK II

V.L. Ewing Releases THE EXPERT BOOK II

Lake Mary, Fla.

Many strive to be successful in their profession in hopes of making large sums of money and living a luxurious life. Author V.L. Ewing, a successful lawyer herself, knows all too well the sacrifices that may have to be made to attain success. She returns to her romance trilogy in her new romance novel, "The Expert Book II" (published by Lulu), which points out one luxury that may get lost in the crossfire of attaining the rich life - love.

"Any time two people meet after years of denying themselves love, and embers are stoked like this, almost anything can happen," Ewing begins. "And it does. Choices are made. Lines are drawn. These are decisions made daily by women who have struggled to make career choices to the exclusion of life choices, when in fact, they are the same thing."

Ewing's latest romance novel returns readers to the protagonist from the first book, a successful lawyer who's fallen for an engineer. "The Expert Book II," could spell the end for the couple, as the woman struggles to balance her professional life with her personal life - a juggling act that may cost her the man she's always wanted.

Ewing invites readers to visit her at theexperttrilogy.com.

An excerpt from "The Expert Book II":

"She focused on her female friends, and being there for them, never expecting them to be there for her. She had learned it is the expectation that causes pain. So she expected nothing. And she thought she was happy. And she was, until he came into her life. Then she learned that she had just been existing, not living."

"The Expert Book II"
By V.L. Ewing
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 130 pages | ISBN 9781483409603
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 130 pages | ISBN 9781483409610
E-Book | 130 pages | ISBN 9781483409627

About the Author
V.L. Ewing graduated from Indiana University and North Carolina Central University School of Law. She is a partner at a medium-size law firm in central Florida, where she concentrates on construction defect litigation.

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