Todd McBroom Pens 'God Was Self-Employed'

Todd McBroom Pens 'God Was Self-Employed'

Lafayette, Louisiana

The climate for employment in America has been somewhat bleak since the financial crisis of 2008. Many people became the casualties of massive downsizing as companies cut staff drastically to stay afloat. Anyone who has been downsized, or laid off for any reason, knows that it can be a terrible blow. However, it doesn't mean the end of one's career or their potential for success. In his new book, God Was Self- Employed, author, entrepreneur and speaker Todd McBroom hopes to inspire readers to find success and financial freedom at any age or employment status.

Despite the financial speed bumps of the last several years, the United States of America still remains unique in its potential for citizens to create their own wealth. Of course, it takes hard work and a great deal of motivation; that's where Todd McBroom comes in. His expertise as a teacher and inspirational speaker translates easily into book form, and his business experience, which includes sales as well as network marketing, backs up his teaching talent with practical knowledge.

McBroom acknowledges that mentality is a huge factor in success, and that often those who have experienced a layoff or downsizing are in a headspace of failure. "Success is just as much about your state of mind as it is about any other factor," states McBroom.

McBroom, who grew up largely without money, likens it to that situation: "We were broke, but we weren't poor- poor is a state of mind. We might have technically been experiencing poverty but we didn't feel it that way; we were in a much more positive place in terms of the way we looked at it."

Todd McBroom

Todd McBroom is a Christian, husband and father, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He often uses lessons in the Bible to enhance his own teaching, endeavoring to help people deal with and succeed in the real world. Todd hopes to inspire others to take advantage of the many opportunities offered to them through his unique combination of expertise in both business and ministry.

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