Terry Angel Mason Pens New Book, LOVE WON'T LET ME BE SILENT


Terry Angel Mason, the African-American author who is rapidly becoming internationally acclaimed, is highly regarded for his ability to overcome adversity. Many would go so far as to say Mason is a Maverick of an angel since his life reads like an excerpt from Tony Kushner's Angels in America. He has a momentous quest, having overcome two life threatening-illnesses. Mason's thought-provoking articles, life-changing stories, and sensual romantic poetry about the Black gay experience touches and inspires millions of lives worldwide  as is evidenced by the numerous distributors who carry his much sought-after literary masterpiece, LOVE WON'T LET ME BE SILENT.

Mason's new book is proving to be tremendously appealing to men and women of all ages and ethnicities in every country at a record pace, garnering international attention, recognition, and media acclaim; defying geographical boundaries, overcoming language barriers (appealing to more than just the gay community), and crossing over into the broader heterosexual community in ways that few authors have been able to do -- and is particularly popular with women!

Love Won't Let Me Be Silent is a collection of writings, short stories, and poems that falls into several categories, including gay and lesbian fiction and non-fiction, African American fiction and non-fiction, and urban fiction.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Mason is experiencing tremendous success is because of his unique creative way of crafting poetic stories that show readers a more positive perspective of same-gender-loving people. Additionally, many credit Mason with opening up a whole new dialogue about sexuality and same-gender-loving relationships within the Black community, specifically within the Black Church. Gay activists and Civil Rights leaders often applaud his seemingly unending humanitarian efforts and ferocious courage, believing that perhaps one day his efforts will lead to the demise of the much despised "don't ask, don't tell" policy in many religious circles; enhance understanding of the LGBT community, and/or at the least, soften the hearts of family members and clergy who may be opposed to a gay lifestyle.

America has barely smoothed its feathers -- ruffled badly last year by the California Supreme Court's initial decision to lift the ban on gay marriage, followed by a divisive election that reversed the decision and placed the matter again before the California Supreme Court for repeal. These chilling events led to an epiphany that compelled him to write Love Won't Let Me Be Silent. These electrifying writings are destined to make him one of the foremost voices of the African-American gay experience. We have no doubt that the artistry and enduring vision that Mason demonstrates in this inspiring book will cause a revolutionary awakening in America and the world and continue to influence our culture, reshape our thinking, and touch our hearts and lives for decades.<