Superior Internet Releases Original Online Graphic Novel, 'Dawn Patrol'

Charleston, SC

Superior Internet, Inc. of Charleston, SC and artist Julie-ann Nydegger are proud to announce the new, original graphic novel "Dawn Patrol" published online at .This meticulously hand-drawn, aviation-themed saga (over twenty years in the making) gets its breath-taking detail and authenticity from the author's own high-flying aviation career. Dawn Patrol is the story of Academy Cadet Matt Curtis whose own flight path is radically altered by an accidental encounter with an ethereal, mysterious ship (with a story of its own). He launches on a journey through time, space and uncharted realms on a time-critical mission to find the answer to a dilemma he struggles to even comprehend. Dawn Patrol explores the entanglement of our concept of reality and consciousness with the "Otherverse" of infinite outcomes which lies just beyond the limits of our tangible world. It is a story about crossing new horizons, and exploring the chaos on the backside of the proverbial tapestry, that allows the front side appear as it does to us in our concept of "reality."

It's also about falling head-first into a true destiny at the very moment all carefully-orchestrated plans and dreams are shattered.

Author and artist Julie-ann Nydegger credits Dawn Patrol for inspiring her aviation career as well. "I realized the only way I was ever going to give Dawn Patrol the detail, and credibility that it needed was to do some serious, immersive research," Nydegger explained, "You can't draw or write about flying if you don't know how, in other words-so I learned to fly. I earned all of my professional ratings and certificates and just aimed as high as I possibly could. I needed to see what the stars looked like from 47,000 feet above the earth. I needed to see what sunrise looked like at near the speed of sound, how the avionics worked and what kind of glare they made on a curved windshield at night. I needed to really experience how it already works in our world, so I could re-imagine how it might be done in another time and place." Nydegger, spent the majority of her aviation career as a pilot of corporate and charter Learjets and often worked on the project while traveling for her job.

The medium of the artwork is graphite mechanical pencil on 8.5x11 paper, which Nydegger admits is an ironically low-tech way to tell such a high-tech story. But she explains, "My original plan was always for it to be a pencil art project because I wanted to bring the art of plain old pencil back to center stage, not just a stage that gets inked and colored over. Also, it made sense to keep it in pencil because it had to be extremely portable because I was traveling all the time."

When asked what she hopes to achieve with Dawn Patrol, Nydegger replied, "My ultimate goal is to tell you a story you haven't heard before, and do it in a way you haven't seen before." At times, the road that goal is a tedious one. Nydegger explains that each hand drawn page can take a month or more to complete because of the detail involved. With nearly fifty pages spanning the first two chapters already published online, and another eighty pages waiting to be finished and published, Dawn-Patrol is an epic saga that is just gaining speed, with a long journey ahead.

Superior Internet, of Charleston, SC has created an innovative, interactive website custom-designed for this unique project, that allows the reader to explore the meticulous details of Dawn Patrol's artwork. Keep up with exciting new developments and chapter page additions at

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