Sam Abou Salma Reveals Tale of Jesus in THE ANGELIC BEAST

Sam Abou Salma Reveals Tale of Jesus in THE ANGELIC BEAST

He is the Messiah, the prophet God sent on earth and made blessed anywhere he will be. Despite his innate goodness, his devotion to the almighty God and his kindness to each and everyone, he is surrounded by people who want to bring him down. Author Sam Abou Salma crafts a gripping story of Jesus in his publication, The Angelic Beast.

This book revisits the tales from the Bible, from the birth of Jesus by his mother, Mary, the miracle Zechariah and Elisabeth receive from God, accounts regarding John the Baptist, the disciples of Jesus and his long journey of carrying out his mission as the Messiah, healing the sick, reviving the dead and forgiving the sinner. Jesus' task of bringing the message from the Almighty to show the people the correct path along which they can go and the wrong road so that they need to avoid. He is sent to human beings as an evangelist, a precursor, and a believer in the Torah.

He asks the people to repent, ask forgiveness for their sins and partake on the banquet of God. He finds 12 disciples who help him spread the teachings and the word of the Lord, but one of them will betray him and send him to peril. When the Jews accuse him of blasphemy and sentence him to death, something extraordinary happens at the crucifixion site. His mother Mary looks up into the sky and sees her son riding a Buraq, an angelic beast assigned to carry highly ranked prophets up to the Holy Ghost. How did it happen?

Skillfully written, The Angelic Beast enlightens the readers of the story of Jesus and inspires them to renew their faith for he will come back to this world at the end of time, which will be a miracle to the people.

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The Angelic Beast * by Sam Abou Salma
A Story of Jesus
Publication Date: December 22, 2012
Trade Paperback; £13.99; 129 pages; 978-1-4797-6685-7
Trade Hardback; £23.99; 129 pages; 978-1-4797-6686-4
Ebook; £3.99; 978-1-4797-6687-1