SOUTHERN AFRICA SAFARI Provides Readers a Look into Africa

SOUTHERN AFRICA SAFARI Provides Readers a Look into Africa

Richmond, VA

While a trip to the zoo may award you with a spotting of a prairie dog, images of lions wrestling, zebras racing and elephants stomping the ground may seem far away. However, Vonne Martin has found a way to reclaim this wildlife scene and transport South Africa to your home through her special edition book titled "Southern Africa Safari: Beyond the Concrete Jungle." The book can be purchased on her website

Striking photographs make up the oversized, full-color limited edition "Southern Africa Safari." A photographer for 35 years, Martin spent a month traversing the African grasslands documenting wildlife in their natural environment. In this book, Martin has captured a range of shots of African birds, large animals such as the Black Rhino, cheetah and giraffe, and smaller mammals such as the mongoose.

Whether used for leisure, children's education and interest, photography sampling or an illustration of a dream vacation destination, Martin's Africa is for all readers. However, Martin also weaves a story of hope throughout her photos. She wants her book to educate readers on the potential harm done by human poaching and construction to the African landscape and the animals it contains.

"It is my hope that the images of the magnificent creatures inspire readers to fall in love with the different species and become involved in conservation efforts," Martin said. "This was a labor of love and it added so much meaning to my life."

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"Southern African Safari"
By: Vonne Martin
ISBN: 978-1-4817-1258-3
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Author House

About the author

An underwater photographer for 35 years, Vonne Martin wanted to try land photography. Martin is the owner of Vonne's Ventures, LLC and happily married to another "action junkie" who encouraged her to travel to Africa. As an animal lover, Martin is a member of multiple activist groups including World Wildlife Fund and American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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