New Novel DEACON'S WINTER, is Released

New Novel DEACON'S WINTER, is Released

Redlands, Calif.

In the midst of a cold Chicago winter, Deacon Adelius tries to tend to his church while struggling with his own faith. After a woman he helped is found murdered, Deacon is thrust into a political conspiracy that requires not only faith, but also action.

"Deacon's Winter" (published by Abbott Press) by author Roger Burgraff is a thriller, pushing readers through the clash between piety and corruption, secret societies and assassins and romance and blackmail. These elements all contribute to the noir quality of Burgraff's third book.

"Deacon as a protagonist is unusual," Burgraff says. "He is a tough guy on his way to the priesthood who sometimes dispenses justice with a baseball bat. Although he's a man of God, he is also human and finds himself falling in love. These intertwined elements make for a unique story."

An excerpt from "Deacon's Winter":

"The guy with a bloody nose pulled a gun, and I hurled Bat sideways like a helicopter blade. It hit just as Amber shot him with her Beretta, the blast deafening in the small room. He spun around in a macabre dance and went down for good. The man with the cane in the doorway shot Amber and turned the gun on me. I dived downwards, but not in time. Pain seared my left shoulder. Then a blow to the back of my head brought blackness. When I came to, Amber... the men... everybody was gone. Only blood remained."

"Deacon's Winter"
By Roger Burgraff
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 356 pages | ISBN 9781458214911
E-Book | 356 pages | ISBN 9781458214928
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Roger Burgraff is the author of "Deadly Promise" and "Paraphasic." He currently lives with his wife Marjorie in Redlands, California.

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