New Book 'Making the China Connection' is Released

New Book 'Making the China Connection' is Released

Long River Press, an imprint of Sinomedia International Group, will publish "Making the China Connection: Understanding Business Culture to Create Great, Sustainable Relationships" by Tom Galey in December 2013.

Anyone with an interest in doing business in China will have come across some combination of the following complaints. "All products made in China are inferior and cheap to make." "The Chinese have taken all of our manufacturing jobs." "It's hard to protect IP rights in China." Author, Chinese manufacturing veteran and import-export guru Tom Galey, however, begs to disagree.

With a fresh perspective on the now tiresome line that Chinese economic success comes at the cost of American economic growth, Galley blasts the most common myths about Sino-US business relationships. He says, "My friend's 12 year old son recently declared that, '... you know for every iPad made, a Chinese guy dies.' He said it with conviction and absolute certainty. I de-mystify all this misperception. I go out on a limb and say that China is the best partner the US has had in decades! I explain how we are bound and tied; together we are fixed on a path towards destiny."

Galey brings his extensive experience to bear as he shows the nitty-gritty details of how a product gets made in China. His book teaches readers the intricacies of building practical, stable relationships with Chinese business partners. Galey provides a step by step guide that covers everything from factory payments and shipping options to cultural concepts such as Face and Guanxi, while demonstrating how a respect and understanding of Chinese culture, history and society can make or break a Chinese venture.

Finding a factory in China does not have to be filled with uncertainty and fear, even for the smallest of company. Yes, Silicon Valley companies and multinational corporations have at their disposal lawyers, quality control firms and a raft of contacts that smooth their entry into the Chinese market. For everyone else, thankfully, Tom Galey is here to help.

Galey has a degree in economics from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He moved to Taiwan to learn Mandarin at the age of 25, whereupon he embarked on a career in product manufacturing and import-export in Greater Asia. Galey now lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he teaches economics and business and also works as a consultant. This is his first book.

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