Mirador Publishing Announces Author Supports Author Project

Mirador Publishing Announces Author Supports Author Project

LONDON, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/

Positive help offered for first time authors as Mirador launches a new project aimed at bringing authors together to overcome the difficulties of acceptance for debut novelists.

Of all the problems facing independent authors today the twin challenges of proving credibility of one's book and advertising it to a reading public seem the most insurmountable. The major publishers for many years have used their existing books as platforms for new releases. Pick up a book by a known author and on the cover are quotes from other authors piling praise and inside the book itself are advertisements and trailers for similar titles. But how does a new author break into this cherished circle of mutual support?

Now Mirador offer that same benefit to new authors who will have the chance to 'Opt In' to the ASA Project which is a commitment of mutual support with other new authors. In return for endorsements from established authors and their book being trailed inside other books the author agrees to provide similar endorsements to fellow writers and grant a couple of pages within their own book for advertising other titles.

David Luddington, Mirador Publishing's Head of Marketing said, "It's long been the problem that new writers have struggled to gain acceptance and exposure. With our new programme we are providing positive support in an increasingly difficult world."

This is a free service for all authors of the Mirador Group and their associated imprints. The team at Mirador will arrange for established authors to provide endorsements for new novels that can then be placed on covers, websites and advertising material. The author receiving the endorsements simply agrees to support another author or two in a similar manner, In addition, each book of a participating author will carry a few extra pages with trailers for other books. Mirador will endeavour to match similar genres and obviously Adult books will not endorse Children's books!

"It is our intent to give a new novelist the best possible exposure in a massively overcrowded market," continued David. "There is a huge amount of talent out there and we are determined to see our authors succeed."

The project is being piloted purely to Mirador Group authors at the moment but the intention is to roll it out to all independent authors in the future.

More details can be found on the Mirador Publishing website at http://www.miradorpublishing.com

Contact: David Luddington / 0845-300-8827 / david@miradorpublishing.com /

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Mirador Publishing Announces Author Supports Author Project