As the United States has narrowly escaped falling off the fiscal cliff by deferring serious solutions to the near future and the national debt continues to pile up, the news media across the United States are all talking about the nation's finances. But how to explain these complex concepts to the next generation? How to educate and empower the youngest citizens to work together collaboratively and make changes now, for their future and the future of this country?

Lucile McConnell, attorney, author and citizen activist, has the simple answer to these questions in her new book, Mr. Penny and the Dragon of Domeville: The Story of Us. Written for children, with a metaphorical message that can be read on many levels, this book presents the charming story of Mr. Penny and his crusade to defeat the terrible Dragon that is burning up the money and hopes of Us.

"The simple answer is to sow the seed of freedom, the seed of choice that has grown our great American democracy. This book is about unity - working together to achieve a positive common goal - not politics or divisiveness", says McConnell, who embarked on a career of citizen activism by founding the prominent nonprofit organization The Fund to End the Deficit in the 1990s. "My hope is that after reading this book, young people are energized about the possibility of what we can accomplish together through cooperative voluntary citizen giving. The contribution of one person, multiplied by the positive contributions of others, all acting in agreement, accumulates into serious change."

This is the change that Mr. Penny brings about in this inspiring and uplifting story of the power that one healing, positive vision and one willing heart have to unite the little people into courageous action for the good of all. This is a story to empower the youngest generation of Americans to understand responsibility, working together, and how to build a brighter future for everyone: by planting the seeds of choice, freedom and love. To serve as a positive role model, McConnell, the author of Mr. Penny's story, will donate all proceeds from Mr. Penny and the Dragon of Domeville: The Story of Us to retire the principal of the National Debt under Public Law 87-58.

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Mr. Penny and the Dragon of Domeville: The Story of Us
By Lucile McConnell
ISBN: 978-1-4525-5733-5
Softcover, retail price: $17.45

Lucile McConnell is a tax/commercial transactions attorney admitted to practice in Washington, DC and New York. She graduated Cum Laude from Cornell Law School in 1987 and with Honors in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1983.

McConnell founded the non-for profit organization The Fund to End the Deficit in 1993 and rallied citizens, under Public Law 87-58 (P.L. 87- 58), to make voluntary contributions to retire the National Debt through 1999. These voluntary citizen contributions, including contributions from such events as Rock the Debt, Wine Down the Debt and Dance the Debt Away, amounted to an all time high in voluntary citizen contributions to Debt retirement during the nineties and played a part in generating the budget surplus that was recorded in 1999.

McConnell's work with The Fund to End the Deficit has been featured in news stories coast to coast, including appearing three times in The Washington Post, in USA Today Sunday Magazine and on Good Morning, America!

McConnell lives in Baltimore County, Maryland with her son, Caleb, and her two cats, Tiger and Finney.

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