Lillibet Books ReleasesDON'T ROCK THE ARK

Lillibet Books ReleasesDON'T ROCK THE ARK

The release of the movie, Noah, was big news accompanied by the usual ballyhoo. Following the noisy offering for adults, it seems only fitting that a version for young readers has been released by Lillibett Books. "Don't Rock the Ark" is available at the company web

Young readers will delight in the wonderful illustrations and gentle humor in this delightful twist on the much-loved tale of Noah. The story begins with the traditional rounding-up of the animals, two by two, and their penning in the ark. Everything is quiet and peaceful ... until the elephants begin making a fuss, their every move rocking the ark close to capsizing, protested loudly by the other occupants. There will be chuckles at the human-like expressions and behavior of the animals as they try to keep the elephants from moving through many humorous incidents. Excitement will grow with the wonder and guessing of who or what will save the day and stop the ark from capsizing.

With years of experience in the publishing industry as a designer, author, and illustrator, Elizabeth Rodger delivers a consistent quality of excellence throughout this big handsome hardbound, "Don't Rock the Ark."

A native of Scotland, Rodger graduated from the Glasgow School of art, a world renowned institution accredited by the University of Glasgow. She completed post graduate studies on children's literature and illustration, and eventually fulfilled her dream of having her titles published by major companies such as Simon & Schuster, Random House, Scholastic, Golden Books, and others.

Combined with her publishing efforts directed at children, Rodger has given presentations on the production of a book to Kindergarten and First Grade classes at a local Elementary. Volunteering in different capacities, she has devoted much energy to the well-being of local youth. As President of the local soccer club, with the help of some wonderful parents, she petitioned the Council for playing fields. Ninety acres was acquired and is now a wonderful sports complex for many activities. Rodger also coached soccer for thirteen years, and served on the Recreation Commission appointed by the Council for ten years.

Located in Sparta, Northern New Jersey, Lillibett Books is a new publishing company devoted to publishing books for children by Elizabeth Rodger. Information on future releases is available at on the LittleKids page. And, with the releases Rodger hopes, just maybe, some children will get hooked on reading.