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John C Lukegord's Campfire Tale 'The Haunted Trail (Volume 1)' Now Available on Amazon

GLOUCESTER, Mass., June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/  "The Haunted Trail (Volume 1), now available on Amazon, is a campfire tale about an evil curse that takes place in Dublin, Ireland, on Halloween night in 1892. Self-published by J&J Writing Corp., the book is based on a series of horror skits the author performed in Massachusetts. John C Lukegord has also written the sequel, "The Haunted Trail: The War of the Dublin Woods."

The following is an excerpt from "The Haunted Trail":

"The year is 1892, and Halloween night falls over the forests of Dublin. Deep in those woods, a two-thousand-year-old curse stirs, stretching out tendrils of madness and violence. The spreading corruption finds fertile ground among the deranged minds of the Dublin Mental Institution.

"Within the asylum, a ghastly murder heralds the onset of a wave of violence. Inmates turn on each other and the institution's corrupt warden, Thomas Roberts. Roberts is a brutal man, known to be a crack shot with a pistol. His pistol is loaded, for reasons known only to Roberts, with silver bullets.

"Unaware of the impending chaos, brothers Mick, Henry, and Wayne Patrican ignore a soft voice warning them to turn their fishing boat around as it floats down the Dublin River. Within hours, all but one will be dead, and the survivor will wish he was."

A gothic celebration of blood and horror, "The Haunted Trail" by John Lukegord blends the madness of the human mind with the horrors of the supernatural, resulting in an intelligent, unconventional tale of murder, mayhem and a threat to Ireland herself from a long-forgotten foe. It's Halloween in the Dublin Woods, and the ground is damp with gore.

This novel's setting is truly creepy: a forest full of "the mentally ill," in Dublin on Halloween in 1892. Although the danger of the forest is apparently legendary, people keep wandering in, only to be brutally murdered. The story has a slasher-movie feel, as very little connects the different murders; instead, each are like set pieces at a haunted hayride-drive past, and then they're gone. - Kirkus

John Lukegord is a writer from Gloucester, Massachusetts. His Haunted Trail series of books are based off horror skits created and acted in a small Massachusetts neighborhood in the fall of the early 90s. These skits were well-crafted and highly successful as far as drawing a fan base. His other books are "The Haunted Trail: The War of the Dublin Woods" and "A Stalker's Journey." "The Haunted Trail" is available on Amazon.

The Haunted Trail (Volume 1): John C Lukegord ... -

Contact: John Lukegord

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