International Business Experts Write Book on Leadership

International Business Experts Write Book on Leadership

BOISE, Idaho, May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Ron Price and Randy Lisk have spent a collective 75 years leading companies and coaching leaders. Throughout their careers they've seen one trend emerge: high-performing leaders are continual learners; they are constantly improving their crafts and working to develop the people who work for them in a holistic way.

"Holistic leadership development is critical as companies face the impending leadership drought and work to secure the future of their organizations by identifying and developing emerging leaders," said Price.

Price and Lisk also found that no matter the industry, the elements that make up proficient leadership are the same. So they set out to compile all of the skills in their new book, "The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High-Performing Leader."

In the book, the authors offer a road map to becoming the most complete leader possible, including a list of the 25 necessary leadership competencies and a comprehensive evaluation for each one. Purchase of the book also includes a one-year membership to an online community offering continuing education and additional resources. The book and website are part of a comprehensive leadership development system that includes a company-sponsored training program.

"We believe that leadership is a calling," said Price. "An important part of answering that calling is developing leadership skills that invest in personal growth, as well as inspiring development in others. And that's what The Complete Leader program is designed to do."

The authors' goal is to support leaders who realize that investment in the growth of the whole person will ultimately result in the growth of the bottom line. Traditional leadership development programs are often based around the development of soft skills such as communications and managing conflict. The Complete Leader takes a holistic approach, focused on the belief that each person possesses leadership traits that can be developed by nurturing the mind, body and character.

The authors admit that the book's title is a little tongue in cheek. "There is really no such thing as a complete leader, but we titled the book this way on purpose," explains Price. "Truly great leadership is a continual journey that can be immensely rewarding, and that's why those who are called to leadership embark upon it."

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International Business Experts Write Book on Leadership