Inspirational Author Thomas J. Cummings Launches New Website

Inspirational Author Thomas J. Cummings Launches New Website

Durham, NC

Responding to the up-swell of media and individual attention in both the book "The Shoulder-Ride Gift" and the simple message and movement it is intended to promote, author Thomas J. Cummings recently announced a new website dedicated to the book and philosophy of the shoulder-ride. The site can be visited at

"The response to this simple idea has been powerful," said Cummings about the announcement, "and I hope I can successfully publish this book in order to make a positive impact in the lives of many. People instantly recognize the potential of the shoulder-ride, this simple act of love and compassion between an adult and a child. Shoulder-rides can happen anytime, anywhere, and require no money, no equipment and not much time. The website was a logical step to respond to the requests to learn more, a single place where people can go for more information, to find my social media and other points of contact, and to share their own motivational stories."

The new website includes a detailed description of the book's plot, information about Cummings himself, and the emotional tale of his inspiration for "The Shoulder-Ride Gift."

Information can also be found about Cummings' other works in progress including the sequel "The Shoulder-Ride Gift: Give Leprosy A Lift," and a children's book version of "The Shoulder-Ride Gift." He has also included a blog where he will share his thoughts and experiences as "The Shoulder-Ride Gift" inspiration goes global, and links to Cummings' presence on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, among others.

"I'm determined to stay in touch with my readers and anyone who's been inspired by The Shoulder-Ride Gift concept," said Cummings, "so I've made it easy for anyone to get in contact with me in any way that they prefer."

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