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Emotional Terrorism, the latest Green Dragon publication, aims to give a voice to the victims who suffer silently within the confines of this relationship dynamic by exploring the world of hurt, confusion and chaos that surround the victims.

The cases in this book are real, and readers may find themselves relating to one or more of the stories shared. As readers are invited into the lives of the people involved in these toxic relationships, they will not only learn of the struggles these individuals endured, but also of the courage they found within themselves to get out.

Dr. Leonard provides several checklists to help the reader sort out these difficult relationships and how to handle them effectively:

  • Are you being emotionally terrorized in your relationship?
  • Is your partner a projector?
  • Are you a recipient of emotional terrorism?
  • Bullying - How to top Projective Identification.
  • Learn new techniques for quieting anxiety and combating hopelessness.

About Author
Dr. Leonard received her Ph.D. specializing in children and adolescents from the Institutes of Clinical Social Work, Chicago, Il. Her Masters in Social Work from the Univ. of Michigan. In additional to Emotional Terrorism, she is also the author of Adolescents with HIV. Her professional experience in social work, especially with youth, dates back nearly 20 years. Dr. Leonard also received the Shaw Research Grant in Nursing and Allied Professions.

Green Dragon Books, formerly Humanics Publishing, has been publishing for over four decades in the areas of self-help, business, finance, learning and health. Emotional Terrorism is published in paperback, ISBN 978-1-62386-005-9, Pub Date October 7, 2014. For more information, please visit